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I have been to this restaurant a few times over the course of many years. I stopped in last night with a couple of friends for a Sat night dinner and will probably not return. We ordered the sizzling rice soup and were shocked to find out that some of the "chicken" was actually chicken SKIN. An ev...
5 star(s)
I live in the San Francisco bay area, and I recently went to Reno for a weekend getaway. I had heard of El Pescador from a friend, and they highly recommended it so I thought I might as well try it. Honestly, I would take a day trip, and drive three hours to eat this food. I haven't been able to s...
The food at Bertha Miranda's is out of this world! No other restaurant even compares to hers! The servers are off the hook.....they know how to take care of your needs and are always super nice! Especially the tall blonde girl....she is good!!!! Last time we ate there, we even got to meet Bertha her...
5 star(s)
Open the sandwich and you will find freshly cut tomatoes, lettuce and everything else. Super clean inside floor,windows,walls,tables and chairs.With food chains. It all depends on the managers. The best I found in the area.
5 star(s)
every time we eat here it is verry good and we send our friends there so as it stands we will be back the 15th of september.
4 star(s)
luciano pilissi is master chef from cielo autentico i work under him is solve 3 ingredientst sal pepper y olio the rest on me luciano maestro respecto y admiraccion lolo marconi espanolo e italiano mama papa my mother vasca padre mio italiano de milan amen
I visited Clary's today with a $25 gift certificate. I was told they no longer honor those even though the certificate says it never expires. I was there on June 23rd & the certificate was printed on May 28th!!!!!!
I love all foods served in CaiE's Oriental Cafe, I moved to the north side of the city now, but I still drive back to South Meadows just for CaiE's foods twice a week... love their foods, their ambience,...the cleanliness of whole cafe, is the cleanest restaurant I had seen, my girlfriend once told ...
5 star(s)
Good food....nice folks....great ambiance......and for a more casual dinner, the bar is great.
Great place. Excellent breakfast, the Eggs Benedict was outstanding!
4 star(s)
I have eaten here many times for lunch and several times for dinner. I have never had any issues with the staff and consider this to be the best Thai restaurant in the Reno area.
Even with a coupon I had, the cost of my meal seemed overpriced for the quality of the food. I tried their Chinese dishes -- maybe the sushi they offer is more worth the pricetag. Definitely a more sophisticated atmosphere -- service is okay, but it takes a while for the food to come.
I love this restaurant. The food is excellent and the service is great. This is a very nice place to go for a special evening out or for a special occasion such as an anniversary. If you enjoy good quality, authentic Italian food go to Johnny's!
2 star(s)
Admittedly I was nervous about eating at the Washoe Grill last Friday night because of the last review - which was bad. Our experience wasn't any better. First of all - they changed the menu since we had eaten there last (which wasn't that long ago). Now, you cannot get a baked potato with a steak...
Restaurant is very clean and pleasant. But I paid a lot for so-so food. Main dishes are small in comparison to other restaurants charging comparable prices. My order came to me kind of slow and the taste was nothing really special. Jazzmine is a better place to go.
Our woman waitress was absolutely horrible! She added a 20% gratuity for a party of two to our overall check without consulting us first. When I approached her on how unethical it was for her to simply add the amount to my credit card without my permission, as this generally is at the customer's dis...
We have eaten here several times, their shrimp tempura appetizer is quite good, but the last time we went there & ordered that, we got vegetable tempura instead. We told the waiter that we had ordered shrimp tempura, he looked at us like we were stupid and walked away. Pad Thai is 'so-so', the meat ...
There is nothing great about this place, it hardly even rates as mediocre. Mexican food prepared for American palates, lots of pinkish bland sauce and non-descript cheese
My wife and I have been to Johnny's a number of times and every time we visit we can't get enough. The food and service are second to none. If you ever want to dine in pleasure and enjoy bt far the best Italian food in Nevada, than go to Johnny's. You will not regret the visit.
We had a lovely meal at Johnny's 12-18-08 The food was Wonderful and unique. The atmosphere and ambience of the restaurant and bar is truly wonderful with professional sevice. My family will continue to enjoy meals at this Great Restaurant for years to come.