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The food, drinks and service were fantastic. The Saturday night music sucks. Where did you get that wore out old hillbilly from? He dose not know how to sing. My date and I had to leave because he would not stop laughing at the old man on the mic. Other than his attempt at singing, the restaurant wa...
Went here with my daughter because we had a coupon. OMG! Couldn't believe the value and selection in such a casual place- ranged from pate' with cornichons to a $7 complete dinner special. So good- everything is made with such care. definitely going back w/o coupon!
Brentwood Cafe and Tavern is by far the best neighborhood bar in Las Vegas. The food is magnificent and everyone that works there is really friendly. I have to say that I was very comfortable with my visit. If you haven't been to Brentwood Cafe yet then I think it's time you should head on over and ...
Great dining experience. Good food for a great price. Nice atmosphere and the wine bar is a unique addition that is rare in the Silverado Ranch area. 4 flat panel televisions in the bar area allwow for great viewing. It was also competely devoid of cigarette/cigar smoke which made the experience eve...
They have been putting Sky vodka in all the vodka bottles which is clearly against the law. The bartender has been heard saying some very profane things. I am reporting them to the ABC.
great food.....even better beer. We are going to vegas again in a week and cant wait for some more german beer.
2 star(s)
Decent food if you can manage to enjoy it underneath a dense cloud of cigarette smoke. This is mainly a bar with only a few dining tables to the side. The server laughingly told us that they do not enforce the no-smoking policy even though it is clearly marked all over the front door and inside th...
The hostess ignored us for a few minutes before she finally acknowledged us. After having been seated for ten minutes, we grabbed a busboy to get us a waitress. When one waitress came over she said they were changing shifts. Having dined in Germany I was expecting quality and a decent portion for th...
If you love Oktoberfest, you'll love Hofbrahaus. The food was amazing, but outshined by the beer imported from Munich. It was a great time, staff and patrons alike were super friendly. Thumbs up!
5 star(s)
By far, the best Italian food in Las Vegas!
Excellent duplication of original in Bavaria. Food and service above standard for Las Vegas. A recommend to locals and visitors alike. Will bring back memories of the Alpine Village Inn for those who have lived here long enought to remember it.