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Great pizza that’s definitely worth a taste There is certainly no shortage of good food in Las Vegas and there are dozens of great Italian restaurants that offer delicious pizzas, nice atmospheres, and excellent service. I haven’t tasted enough Las Vegas pizza to claim that 3 Tomatoes & A Mozzarell...
1 star(s)
This location had a horrible server. She was VERY SLOW. She kept putting all of the food in front of the baby. We are talking HOT plates and also drinks. Getting her to refill a glass was difficult and getting the check was impossiable. My mother, daughter & grandson left the restaurant and I was s...
5 star(s)
Excellent foods........
Went here with my daughter because we had a coupon. OMG! Couldn't believe the value and selection in such a casual place- ranged from pate' with cornichons to a $7 complete dinner special. So good- everything is made with such care. definitely going back w/o coupon!
4 star(s)
I have had both the pizza and the chicken wings and everything was real good. Others have said it takes a long time for the food but that was not my experience. The employees were super friendly. I would definitly recommend this place.
Very pleased with the food and the service. I would however suggest you change the name on this site. The Captains Table has been closed for years and the new owners opened up as the ONYX Restaurant.
Don't waste your time with this place - very disappointing.
Best NY Pizza ever. This hidden Gem is located on eastern Ave, behind BJ's. Ran it to it by accident. So glad I did. Be back for sure.
We found this restaurant from a list we had to choose from to use an online certificate. We couldn't find any reviews but we decided to try it anyways. The first thing that made us hesitate on choosing this place is that it supposed to be inside a bar (& grill). Kind of weird but w...
This restaurant had old Vegas mob written all over it. It was like walking into a mob movie - including the mobster at the door letting you into the restaurant after checking to make sure "you're not packing heat." The food was good solid Italian with a good homemade pasta sauce. The arrabiata sau...
The Aritisan has a classic Vegas feel with red walls, huge paintings, chandeliers, dim lighting, and cheetah/leopard print comfty chairs. the servers are very tentitive and the food is good along with their wine list. its a very private/romantic feel.
I've been enjoying this restaurant for many years. My favorites are the Pasta Sienna -- shrimp, chicken, sundried tomatoes, etc. with a hint of curry in the sauce. 2nd favorite is their lasagna backed in a crust served with white and red sauce. Yummy! Service has always been great. The hot garl...
This is ABSOLUTELY the BEST place to go for Italian food!! Especially if you are from New York or New Jersey!! - They definitely know how to cook!!!!
All my friends and family love this restaurant. They are so accomodating and the food is wonderful. Our little secret is out. More and more people are beginning to find this location. The weekends at prime time are starting to cause a short waiting time. Love it, Love it, Love it!
1 star(s)
went to celebrate my husband's 84th birthday. Will never return - poor service -poor food. Have been a customer since they were on Eastern Ave.. Times they are a changin. djBarrett-Miller
I ordered 3 calzones with 2 other friends it took over 45 minutes before our order came THis place takes WAY TOO LONG to service. I asked the waiter why it took so long and he said that is the way it is.
The food was great. The service was not. After we had paid for our meal and decided to still sit at our table to continue our party's conversation, different employees keep walking and passing by our table to make sure we get the hint to leave.
We have been coming to Lorenzo's since they have opened and come to find out the original owners are no longer here. They were soooo friendly and the food was the best. The funny thing is that the menu is worded almost exactly the same as the Enrico's had. Hummmmm..... But the food was was OK not ...
5 star(s)
By far, the best Italian food in Las Vegas!