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5 star(s)
A local favorite, this restaurant has a great "Carolina" style burger, loaded with chili and slaw. Very tasty. The onion rings are worth the calorie splurge. They have wonderful sweet tea with the best tiny ice cubes, and the staff is quick to walk around and offer refills. This is a familiy fri...
5 star(s)
We really enjoy all of our experieces at Brown Derby as do many of our frends. Jim, his family and their wait staff are all wonderful! We have our club meetings there and enjoy other meals with them through out each month. Keep up the good work!
5 star(s)
Have been there many of times, food is AMAZING and the staff is very friendly and always concerned on your experiance. They have food for any kind of mood or craving!
I like the food the service we like the price the cleanliness the steak the chicken the fatback the fish.
My family and I have gone here for years. We like it better than the new steak house. The prices are way better than others, and the salad bar is always clean and fresh with loads of option! Love this place!!
5 star(s)
We went into Dale Jarrett Ford to get our car serviced, and decided to run into DJ's Diner for a quick lunch. Wow, were we pleasantly surprised! The food was fantastic! The restaurant was nicely decorated, with a race theme. We enjoyed the food so much that we call in orders often. I would highly re...
4 star(s)
All of the dishes are beautiful as well as delicious. Their catered food is the best around. Matthew and his family are wonderful people who deserve success.
I have been going to Hilltop for about 3 years now, just because there is very few choices for dining in Monroe/ Wingate. Each time I keep hoping that the experience will get better, and I am disappointed each time. The food is uneventful and greasy, the waitstaff couldn't be more annoying and inco...
We eat there alot and have never gotten a bad meal. The salad bar to the best around and is always stocked and fresh. One of our favorite places to dine.
5 star(s)
Excellent food!!!!
Three of us had dinner there this evening. One order was a grilled chicken sandwich platter, with some raw onion(onion slices were big enough for battered dipped onion rings)for $7.95, rubbery chicken. Another was Chicken Marsala for $12.95..same rubbery chicken and grilled Grouper sandwich platter...
5 star(s)
Best place in Monroe. Clean good food. Way better than any other family restaurant in Monroe.
5 star(s)
Don't know where that small portion comment came from but I have never been to this restaurant when I could even finish all the food I was served, and that includes breakfast and lunch and we go regularly. Food is great, service is great.
5 star(s)
Small portions, are you kidding me? I went for breakfast and was stuffed! Great meal, great deal! I will go back.
A horrible dining experience. Our waitress "Lisa" seemed to be on another planet. She took forever to take our order and then, for the next 45 minutes, we sat and waited for what was ultimately a bad meal. The waitress didn't seemed concerned in the least that the food was cold and when we asked ...
The fried food is greasy. The menu doesn't change. Sometimes the service is very good and on some days its terrible. If the service is bad, going to the owner/management to complain doesn't help. The restaurant is beautiful, but the food isn't the best.
I visited this restaurant on July 31, 2009 where I used a gift certificate purchased on the Internet. The food was the absolute best EVER and we were treated by our waitress (also owner)like we were royalty!! An owner willing to wait tables is an extraordinary asset to a restaurant business. The li...
I have been going to Hilltop for several years, but after the past two visits I will never go again, because of the way the owner treats his employees, on one occasion I heard him swear at one of his waitresses. An employer should never say these things to his employees. Why would anyone want to gi...
2 star(s)
This WAS a good place to eat a few years ago. On my visit the place was loud. They have decided to put in live music. The singer is great but the waitress can hardly hear to take your order. The last 2 trips it took us over 45 minutes to get our order and we ordered nothing special. They even ran ou...
Never seen a restaurant with so much versatility! They have breakfast, lunch & dinner. You can eat breakfast and lunch at very affordable prices but still have a nice quiet dinner with quality food and a beautiful atmosphere. Large portions at a good price and it is delicious. Can tell everythin...