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This is basically a mom and pop's family restaurant about the speed of Denny's. It has good cheap breakfasts and friendly service. The home fries are really good. If you have a sophistocated palate you probably want to keep on looking but for a good homestyle country meal with a Greek flair this rea...
What a great place to eat. The two new owners are doing a great job to make sure this restaurant has great food, served quick and hot! My family loves to eat there weekly becasue we are treated with quick service and great prices. Keep up the good work!
The food was extraordinary for a diner. Much better than what was expected. The food was definitely home cooked. The staff was very friendly including the owner Jimmy.
Standard Arby's fare. Always clean, fast service, and consistant food quality. Ast. Manager Ann is very good. For something different from hambergers, great place to eat.
5 star(s)
Largest single scoop of ice-cream I've seen for the money! I highly recommend bringing your family!
5 star(s)
Locally owned and operated fast order grill and ice cream. Best place for ice cream there is. Very large single scoop is usually about $1 with large selection. BLT with egg is a great sandwhich. Ususally busy, may have trouble finding a table at meal times.
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We were shocked when we drove up that it was Mickey's Café. We had moved out of the area over 3 years ago and this was our first time back in town to visit Bill & Leah's. We were hesitant to step in for for the fear that the food would not be as good anymore. However, we decided to go in since with ...
We happened to end up in Kernersville after getting lost on our way home to Ohio. The hotel suggested Captain Toms and they were quite busy. We had a senior dinner with a variety of seafood and hushpuppies which we thoroughly enjoyed. The value was great for the generous amount of food we received. ...
My family and I have been eating at Captain Tom's for years. We have never had a bad experience. The food is wonderful and the wait staff and bartenders are the friendliest around. Highly recommend this restaurant to everyone.
Been going to Capt. Tom's since it opened (1972, I believe). Only had a couple of times that the seafood was not good....Has been great mostly, and will stay loyal!
Great food and great service. Menu has something for everyone. Over all a pleasant experiance.
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The best, absolute best Chinese food. A wide selection on the menu for in house dinning or take-out both always well prepositioned and flavorful. My wife and I eat there in some way, take-out or for dinner, a couple a times a month and have for over 15 years. We love it.
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My family just moved into the area in 2007, and in that time we have tried every Chinese restaurant in the area. Sadly disappointed every time. We had just about given up when one day we went into the post office next door and smelled the awesome aroma coming from this building. I asked my husband i...
5 star(s)
We have been eating here since they first opened over 20 years ago. The food is always delicious, the Tai family members know all of their regular customers and make the effort to make your dining experience memorable. We eat here at least once a week for lunch and once a month for dinner.
This is an small town Ice Cream shop in every since. My husband and I enjoy ourselves everytime we go. Nothing fancy, but who needs fancy when you are going there for Ice Cream and hotdogs. Besides, you pay extra for fancy. Prices are awesome as well.
obviously the "diner" before..hasn't been to doss' in over three years..that's how long they've been smoke free...they should research better before they open their mouth
I love this place..its been in kernersville since 1985. a family of four can eat for under 20 bucks..thats awesome, and their ice cream is to die for
this place is smoke free and kid friendly, clowns everywhere, even the help they have are clowns in their own right.
i know Doss and his wife TD...and the trouble they get themselves into is soooo funny! i think im going to write a book about them one day..and im a salesman of theirs...they are one good team {separate shifts} of course!! ying/yang they are :O)