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5 star(s)
Their warm rye bread and Mark Beltaire salad is out of this world. Fresh ingrediants and you can tell it is all homemade. It is a fun place to go on a weekend with a friend or some family and have a nice cup of soup and a sandwich. Reasonable prices, I could go every day!
5 star(s)
Ive been going to Stage Deli for years, and its always been a favorite of mine. The people in there are really friendly, and get to know you very quickly. The food is good, and priced reasonably. Overall I'd definitely recommend it for a casual meal out.
5 star(s)
Yotsuba West Bloomfield always has consistently top notch food, quiet atmosphere, reasonable service, a pleasant experience.
I really enjoyed myself whileat this establishment. I will really like to come back as soon as I get a chance!!!!!1
One of the best restaurants I have been to and the service is great!
5 star(s)
I love this place.. my family and co workers loved to go there all the time. Hosts are great and nice... Very recommneded place.
5 star(s)
We took our youngest daughter, who we adopted from Russia, here for her "gotcha" day and it was fantastic!
5 star(s)
great food when you are in a hurry or you don't know where to go. i recomend going on wed. because it is all you can eat speghetti dinner. the tuna salad pita is also good.
5 star(s)
A great place for everyone for a more than affordable price. Cheery waitstaff and family friendly atmosphere makes Village Place the Very Best Place.
5 star(s)
they make the best omeletes in the city. They're much fluffier than other restaurants and thicker. They're very filling and delicious.
5 star(s)
It is time you updated your reviews some are 7 years old. I have worked at the Village Palace (aka Village Place) for years. I love it there.It is the cleanest place to work. The owners and Management try to do everything they can to provide the customers with good quality food at a reasonable price...
4 star(s)
My office orders in lunch from Stage Deli every few weeks--usually these really good turkey wraps. Have started stopping by every few weeks for Stage's smoked salmon dinner or a sesame fried chicken burger for lunch. The chicken is dipped in batter and comes with dressing, lettuce and fries. Haven...
great food keep up the good work!!! :)
4 star(s)
village place was splendid
I am not pleased with the removal of the Rattlesnake Pasta from your menu. This is the highlight of my visit to your resturant. Unfornately this is the reason for me dining, so I will be not be returning until Rattlesnake pasta returns. Thank you
2 star(s)
Food was okay, but when I had a question on an item on the hand-written bill the owner was very rude about it. This ruined any pluses the restaurant may have had.
HORRIBLE!!! Got food Poisioning and threw up at least 15 times
the best place for jewish style cooking in the area, north west of detroit area Great for dinner lunch and sunday morning