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3 star(s)
The food was good and prices average. They bring simple sandwiches, soups and salads to our office like a food truck would. Too bad they don't show up at our office in Southfield for 4 days in a row!! We're kind of wondering what happened to them.
This restaurant recently went under new management as of Feb 28.11.. I highly recommend it!!!
4 star(s)
Wonderful menu for vegan & vegetarian cuisine; the specials excite the palate with fresh herbs and spices. This is how sustenance is supposed to taste.
OK, so this charming little family diner surprised the heck out of us when we decided to stop for dinner. GREAT food and a fabulous value. Large portions. They will definitely see us again!
3 star(s)
1st Floor: Non-Smoking Restaurant w/Full Bar, Arcade/Trivia Machines, Club Keno, 12 Plasma TVs, Mens Restroom is always filty w/feces. Both floors Handicapped Accessible. Accepts Credit Cards. Staff Friendly but short on help on weekends. 2nd Floor: $5.00 Entry, Great DJ (Loud music which can be...
4 star(s)
We spent a Monday evening on the roof top enjoying the food and summer breeze. Our waitress, Heather was very attentive and treated us well. Our food was hot and plentiful. We will be going back for additional taste feasts!
good chicken
5 star(s)
I tried this deli for the first time the other day. My positive experience is beyond words. The food was excellent, the service was top notch! Its nice to have a local deli with great food and great service. I would recommend this place to anyone that loves good food and good people!
1 star(s)
The food is fine, but the staff, especially the managers, are RUDE. We asked for a blind to be closed, since the sun was blazing in our eyes. The staff refused to close it, since a couple was next to the window. We will NEVER go back.
1 star(s)
I recieved a coupon for a free chicken sandwhich with no purchase.I purchase a bigmac meal & some other item from the menu.They would'nt let me get the free chicken sandwhich without ordering a 1st chicken sandwhich.They said if i buy one then icould get one free.The coupon did'nt read that.I very ...
We love this place. Like the previous posters have said, the service is usually a bit slow. The food totally makes it worth the wait though! We can't wait to go back! Food : 5 stars - always very good. We usually stick with sushi though. Cleanliness : 5 stars. No complaints. Service : 3 stars. ...
My family, friends and I LOVE this restaurant. Yes, it isn't the fastest service, but who cares, relax a little why don't you. The food is excellent and the ambience is great too. I find it hard to believe that people are negative toward this place. Some people only complain and leave giving the...
5 star(s)
The food is amazing, anything you could possibly like they make! Greek, Italian, French, Spanish.. Good American basics too. Its my favorite restaurant but no one seems to know about it! So its always quiet, kid friendly yet not kid obsessed, theres a patio in the summer, GREAT service, and SUPER cl...
this is guranteed spicy thai food
5 star(s)
I Love the place and so do my kids. Awesome ribs that fall off the bone. We go there once a week. We love all the different fish and the prime rib too.
- The food was simply edible, very bland. - We were seated promptly, but not noticed for several minutes by our waitress, even though the restaurant was not busy. - After taking several minutes to (finally) take our order, our waitress was overall very rude. I later called to complain and the mana...
1 star(s)
I was extremely dissatisfied with this restaurant. My Husband's Prime Rib was overdone and didn't even look like Prime Rib at all! But worse... we were there for a birthday party of over 15 people. We knew less than half of them... they put us all on the SAME bill. Okay fine, that's their policy...
The food here was pretty good. Sushi was great, the meals were a little cruddy. Small portions, but what do I expect from a Japanese restaurant.
4 star(s)
Great place. Oxford Inn has been there for years but just keeps getting better. Just finished very nice new addition.
I have enjoyed sushi for years and I will never return to this place and I suggest you follow suit. I ate dinner here last monday and 45 minutes after i left i was VIOLENTLY ill. ok, ok, ok, it happens right? Well, when I notified them about what happened they not only refused to admit that the sush...