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Five of us were waiting for our flight on Jan 17 at 710PM...The server seemed overwhelmed. We ordered two of your expensive Patron margaritas and it took forever for them to come. She apoligized and said she was the only one on duty. The margaritas had ice overflowing the glass which left us wi...
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WOW!! The Romulus Big Boys had to be one of thee WORST places me and my family had ever ate at. First off our waitress "Shavon" was really rude. I over heard her talking about my 4 year old daughter to another waitress. She brought our food sloppy. She didnt look very clean. I had to constantly ask...
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big boys of romulus is one of the worst restaurants i have ever been to the food is sloppy, the silverware and glasses are constantly dirty, and the manager is always on the phone he has no consideration for the customers and his servers. the only reason i enjoyed my time at this big boys was becaus...
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the silverware was not clean,new napkins had food on them.I watch one of two of the watress take the same towel to wipe the seat with and wiped the table with,thats cross cotamination,I will never eat at this particular restraunt again.And will remind and advise my colleagues not to stop and eat at ...