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great prices. new menu! the pizza is out of this world. also the corned beef is nice and big
this restaurant is my favorite place. their food is amazing and the people are very friendly.
I've been going to Golden Wheel all of my life and have not had one problem. As far as the food, it's definitely the best in the area. I've tried many dishes from here, and haven't been disappointed with any. The pork fried rice is excellent. Also, the staff is great. Ron, the manager, is always ver...
5 star(s)
Love eating at Leo's. The price is very affordable for the amount of food you receive. The food is hot and good. It is a great place to take a family to dinner.You might find a small wait time. Leo's is very busy because it is a popular place for many people in the area. You will also see a lot...
Prime rib was a mouth to die for!
The food is very well we've come to expect in this chain. The service was good, not overbearing, as in some places. The ambience... it's an older restaurant...ay? They've done what they could.
A favorite restaurant in all respects!
5 star(s)
Best wings I have ever had. ..the sliders were fresh and great. prices was great. .and the have a bunch of new girls. .oh how I loved my visit. .will be back next Friday for sure. ..
4 star(s)
leos country oven has really good food for the the price.And the service is always very good....
4 star(s)
good stuff... bread isnt the best, wings arent as good as howies, but pizza is awesome. they also have a pesto pizza that isnt on other menues and is real good...
We ordered a variety of food, and ALL of it was disappointing. The Hunan Beef, which we ordered at the hottest level of spicy, was not spicy at all and the vegetables were completely mushy. The Almond Chicken's breading was more like a breadcrumb paste clinging to the overly-dry chicken, and it's g...
Today, I ordered carry out from Golden Wheel for the first and last time. I called it in and my girlfriend picked it up. She came back with the wrong order. I went back myself to get the correct order: Large Almond Chicken Dinner, 2 Eggrolls, and a quart of Hot & Sour Soup. Everything I found in my ...
The chicken tuscana looked and tasted like bad airplane food. The pasta sauce was watered down and worse than out of a can. The minnestone was worse than out of a can as well. And all for an average of $15 a plate. I felt robbed and will never, ever go back.
1 star(s)
About half of the time the workers get my order wrong, or omit an important utensil, straw or stirrer. Today I ordered an Asian salad for $3.49 (the average cost of a combo meal) and got no chicken! I tried to call them, and their phone has been disconnected. This is the final straw for me - I'm ...
This restaurant has the best samosas in the metro-detroit area!
"Great Pizza" The best BBQ pizza A+++++ got to try the Boneless wings