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5 star(s)
The food at this restaurant is probably the best i had in 12 years since leaving NYC,the pork dish that's from a thousand year old recipe is to die for,moo go gai pan and the fried rice is also delicious,too bad i was only in NOLA for two days and went there the last night for dinner,i would have ea...
this is the best buffet u will eva hav in yo life. great price food sushi and everything u can imagine. lllllllooooovvvvvv iiiitttttt!!!!!!!!!!
5 star(s)
Being a New Yawka..minimally going to Chinatown every Sunday morning for dim sum...and for clams or mussels or shrimp or lobster & black bean sauce on the way home...I really miss the complex simplicity of good Chinese food. God is merciful...and there is Hoshun's here in NOLA...the duck & pumpkin ...
This is easily the worst Chinese food I've ever eaten. The hot & sour soup was nothing more than egg drop soup with a spoon full of sweet & sour sauce stirred in. I couldn't taste the shrimp in the sweet & sour shrimp. I removed the breading and all that was left was the smallest size of shrimp ava...