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I Love Chubbys Food,its the best.Greaaaaattt!!!
1 star(s)
I'm a New Orleans resident. Have eten at over 400 different places so far. I like 80% of the places in our city. I believe we have the best food in the nation. Coops Place was by far the worst dining experience I have had within the city limits. I'd consider eating at a chain or in the suburbs ...
I use to be assisant manager of this place about 14 years ago. Their food is rolling. I need to go get me some chicken, home made red beans and rice & the best onion rings around. They have po boys, daily specials, their rice dress beats all others, mashed potatoes and homemade gravy, homemade biscu...
This is one of the best poboy shops in the metro area. Call ahead with your order to save some time, and they frequently close around holidays and are closed Sundays so check ahead. If you manage to find them open, you're in for a treat!
Best poboys, best value!
4 star(s)
We accidentally stumbled across Coop's. We were looking for another place when we had called them (thinking they were the place)...a charming lady named "Fay" told us if we tried her fried chicken, we wouldn't worry about finding the other place....She was soooooo right. Everyone was friendly, and t...
There are only a few tables in Chubbies... mostly take out or drive through. If you have the few extra minutes it takes to get your order, this is the best fried chicken anywhere. You will have to wait a while, because they are cooking it right now. Add some Onion rings, and damn, your down for c...
Best Shrimp Po Boys anywhere!