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4 star(s)
I love Asian food and have been to many Asian resturants in my life. This is one of the best over all. I suggest that you try this one. WONDERFUL FOOD.....
5 star(s)
The all you can eat sushi is such a bargain. Besides that it's the freshest and best sushi I've had in Louisville. The food can be a little slow when it's really busy, but I've never really had a problem. Fresh fish, best sushi, and a great staff, there's not much else that you could ask for.
5 star(s)
I love Ichiban Samurai! Me and my family love to go there whenever we can. It's our favorite restaurant. I love the chicken fried rice and the spicy crab rolls! The staff is friendly and the food is the best!
5 star(s)
My husband and I enjoy ourselves everytime that we go.
5 star(s)
Absolutely amazing! I go there all the time for the All-you-can-eat sushi ($23.95). Included in that price is soup and salad. Mr. Lee is extremely friendly and willing to help you out. I highly recommend the spicy tuna rolls and the shrimp tempura rolls. You would think with All-You-Can-Eat the...
5 star(s)
5 star(s)
Ichiban was introduced to me and my husband by some of their Sunday regulars... some friends of ours. We went with our two kids. They gave them child-rigged chop sticks and entertained them the whole time. We LOVE this restaurant and take all our friends there to show it off! And our kids (7 and...
5 star(s)
I love Ichiban! It is my favorite restaurant. Mr. Lee is a sushi samurai and very friendly!
5 star(s)
I ate at this place for the first time this afternoon, after finding out that this WAS the old Benihana's location, we entered with lowered expectations. But nonetheless, the food was great, the entertainment was excellent and the value was pretty good as well, especially for the great quality of th...
5 star(s)
This place may not be that aesthetically pleasing but the food (especially the SUSHI) really is!! The sushi is the best in Louisville!! The value of the food is great as well, it is competitively priced. This place is a hidden gem that more people should visit!!
5 star(s)
Ichiban is much better than ShoGun. Plus, you get more food at a better price!
5 star(s)
I was so pleased with the overall attention and service from this place(each & everytime)!!! Tons of food for the value!!
4 star(s)
My family and I have been to this restaurant several times now and have been very pleased with the food and the service. The people are very friendly and the prices seem very fair. Thank You!
1 star(s)
This place was a complete rip off. This is "all you can eat," but the waitress refused to stop by my table for 30 minutes after my first order of sushi. I was charged full price and received little value.
5 star(s)
it was a great experience and the people were friendly. it was very entertaining.