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Well I've heard all the talk about Barleys at work for four years. Never went in there till yesterday. My loss. I passed it every day, and just never took time to stop, but I will from now on. Coldest beer and 50 cent pool tables. I felt comfortable the whole time I was there. One of the owners came...
I read reviews on Barley's. I'm very picky on my pizzas, so I went there to pick it apart. I COULDN'T !! It was the best Ive ever had. I've go there twice a week just to eat. I don't drink, but if I did, this would be my watering hole. You really need to try it. I lived in NY. for 12 years. There ...
It's a little off the beaten path, but I like that. I've been going there for almost two years, and I haven't as much as seen an argument in there. The food is great and the owners are the nicest people you would ever wanna meet. No one hits on my woman. It's a very respectful place. I recommend it ...
Very nice out of the way place. I met one of the owners. The whole staff was so nice. The food was unbelievable. Not what you would expect in a bar. More like food from the highlands or east end. The pizza is like no pizza I've eaten before. Try that first. The only thing is the kids had to leave ...
Barleys in kind-a off the beaten' path, but well worth the time to go. It's not a hole in the wall, but very casual setting. All the people made my friends and I feel like we were part of the Family. We got pizza. OH MY GOD !!!! There are no word to say about the pizza except, if you don't go get a...
Great neighborhood place. We are there ALL the time. It is like cheers only better.
5 star(s)
If your looking for some "GREAT" Smoked Wing's, then Staxx is the place to go!!!!!
Was a very family oriented resturant. loved it and WILL be back.
4 star(s)
Ate on Valentines day and had a very good experience.. Food was exceptionaly good. Had ribs which just fell off the bones anf grilled chicken that was very good also. The baked potatoes were some of the best we ever had. Would highly reconnend it
Crushes every pizza place in louisville
5 star(s)
Good place to watch football. Not many people here kinda surprised me. It's not as packed as hoops the food is much better as well. It's hard to find a decent place around Louisville to watch the games I'm still looking but so far this one gets my vote as the best.
5 star(s)
We love eating at Rumballs, our children love playing the games. We love the food an dall the T.V.'s and just hanging out there and having a beer.
5 star(s)
absolutely amazing place...you walk in from the street not knowing what to expect and the inside is nothing like the outside. Friendly people, good food...a real suprise...a good one
I'm new to the Louisville area and a neighbor suggested I eat at KT's. I was extremely impressed with the food quality and the reasonable prices. The menu had a ton of items to chose from. The atmosphere was also very laid back and perfect for e relaxing time. KT's is the place to be at!
I absolutely loved KTs, the service was wonderful, the servers were so nice and the owners were wonderful… I would recommend KTs to anyone looking for some good food, good atmosphere, and great service. I love going here with my family to eat on the weekends, its always a good time
I'm new to the Louisville area and was asked to go here with a group of friends. I enjoyed the low key atmosphere and the staff were all very friendly to us, and even though we hung out for a while we didn't feel rushed to leave like I have seen in other places.. The food came fast, and there was a ...
KT's is a restaurant located in the Highland's area of Louisville. It has a very traditional feel, but great to get a drink or dinner with friends. The atmosphere is very friendly and the food is seriously good. I tried the hot brown... it was one of the best I have had. I will be going back as soon...
First of all, I loved the food. I had the Maker's Mark sirloin and it was delicious. Beyond that, the service and atmosphere was pretty good. I was impressed with the value of the experience. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.
5 star(s)
Get food! First time we ate at Momma's Table and we will be going back. Owners are very friendly and polite! Food was awesome. We order eight meals and spent an average of $5.75. Everyone enjoyed it and can't wait to go back! Thanks to Ronnie for getting my daughter to get me up there.
5 star(s)
Wonderful atmosphere and service. Employees are very friendly and full of smiles. Great place to visit.