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Really a great place for the whole family. I have had so many amazing menu items here. I look forward to going here for lunch and cant wait to take a visitor here. It has become one of those places that you must go when visiting Indiana.
I have tried most everything on their menu and have yet to find anything that was not delicious. Although we normally have their food delivered, we have, on occasion, eaten in their restaurant and find the old fashioned appearance to be most relaxing and enjoyable.
1 star(s)
They do not honor their coupons so if you are expeccting to pay the $4.35 per person on the weekend, you will be told that you can't use it even though it was their mistake to not specify which days it can be used. BAD WAY TO DO BUSINESS
i had been ordering from china garden and they has horrible service so i loked around and found china taste tehy delivered in 25 mins and when i got it. It was hot and very delicious
5 star(s)
Excellent all around experience, but the food was reason enough for a repeat trip, even if the service had been less than stellar. Very nice selection of oriental fare (lots of seafood choices), soups and nice selection of western fare and fresh fruits, vegetables, desserts, etc. Sushi as well. I...