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WOW ! What a great place, awesome people, i hear that theres going to be a really good band called CAMBY ROAD appearing very soon! I saw them at 8 Seconds Saloon and they rocked the house !
For the money Heavy's is very comparable.You get quite alot and depending on who's cooking the food is good.Stan the bartender is awesome.He knows what he is doing and is great with his customers.Its still a smoking facilty thank god because there is hardly no where else to go that is.Lots of regula...
We used to think it was great, but after being kicked out of our booth after eating, well, that wasn't cool. Will be finding another place to meet up and eat with the friends now. Shame have been going there a good few years. Place just lost quite a few points in our book.
I am coming up on my 14th wedding anniversary, a time of year when I reflect on how poorly my first wedding anniversary went because of Chez Jean restaurant. With an $85 gift certificate from my mother in law and a reservation for dinner and the night, we headed out on the almost 2-hour drive to the...