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4 star(s)
I have visited about 6 times so far. The food has always been very good for the money I feel. I love the tables outside for the water views. I took my 7 yr. old daughter there for the first time and she loved it. She kept wanting to take food outside to feed the ducks (they ate more than she did tha...
It's very rare that you come across truely family owned and operated restaurants anymore, but at Bucks, you'll get to meet the owners and their family because they are the only ones that work their. The food is excellent and all made from scratch, the clam chowder is the best I've ever had and the c...
the building is old and run down but wow the food is real good
These guys have an excellent selection of Gourmet Pizzas. We had their Bianca Gourmet Pizza, their menu says that it has Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh Garlic with Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheeses! Yummm! We had the 16 incher....Good stuff!
The Garlic Crabs with corn, and potatoes are the best in Central Florida.... Snow Crabs, Blue Crabs... all kinds, plus fresh Fish cooked to order! Caribbean Food - Jerk Chicken, Curry Chicken, Ostails, Beff Stew, Brown Stew Fish plus Rice & Peas come try a taste of the Caribbean and enjoy the best S...
No real crab. All imitation, including sushi. Dirty restrooms.
I would highly recommend this restaurant. I eat at Hayashi regularly; both for lunch during the work week and also Friday or Saturday nights on occassion. I have never had a bad experience. The sushi rolls are so good that I would rate them over Amuras anyday and even the new Orange City sushi re...
The luncheon special(Pork Chop)was underdone, but the restaurant manager took it off of the bill. The other food was good, but expensive for sausage and kraut and the service was friendly but slow.
The luncheon special(Pork Chop)was underdone, but the restaurant manager took it off of the bill. The other food was good, but expensive for sausage and kraut and the service was friendly but slow!
5 star(s)
Awesome Place !!!
wonderful place food was outstanding. staff very friendly. I'll keep going back ..
5 star(s)
To the person that said their food was inedible....I highly doubt that... and if your service was non-existent....although highly doubtful, you should have told a manager. I guess you are just a martyr. When you are in a corporate restaurant, generally they will try and make you very happy.
We have eaten here a couple of times and the sushi rolls/apps are delicious. The value is good for the size and the service is very attentive. It also makes for good take-out. Give it a try!
i totally love hungry Howie's!
it was like a cave. the management is rude and there is dust everywhere. maybe if you like those sort of things you would enjoy eating there.
5 star(s)
Sanford Location is the best in Central Florida!For the person complaining about payment at the table...suck it up. If you cant afford a decent tip then you shouldnt be going out to eat! Some people just cant be pleased.
5 star(s)
My girlfriend and i came in a few nights ago for the endless shrimp and had a wonderful time. Service was excellent and the food was cooked perfect. We did however get our appetizer out the same time as our meal but the manger came over and was very nice and took care of it. We will be coming back a...
We have only requested take-out however, our order has never been botched nor delivered later than promised. The portions are large and the food was always provided hot and delicious. :-)
1 star(s)
We went to Red Lobster at 20 TOWN CENTER CIRCLE SANFORD FL 32771 on September 7th, 2009. The following food was inedible: Lobster Tail, Clam Strips, & Crab Cakes. The service was non-existent and deserved ZERO tip. Their new method of at your table payment forces you to tip the server as they watch...
5 star(s)
I have been eating at Mel's since 1998, and this is one of my very favorite places to eat. It's like I'm part of the family when I go there, and if you don't expect it to be more than a plain old-fashioned home-cooking-style diner, you will certainly not be disappointed!