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Best white fish salad I have tasted since New York.
Horrible! The waitress messed up the order....TWICE!!!! And my wife found a piece of plastic in her omelet. Never again will I set foot there!!!!!!
All I really have to say is: The BEST BAGELS south of New York City. Nice EGG CREAMS also. Take out here is very pleasant and if your timing is right, HOT bagels are available (I believe, twice a day). I'm not a food critic but I am a Brooklyn maven.
A very average deli-style restaurant with the best bagels in Miami-Dade County.
The staff in this restaurant are quite rude on the phone. After speaking to someone by the name of "Abe" and his inability to confirm whether orders are out to go or not, and being hung up on, I will personally never eat at this restaurant again.