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“I went there 1 time and it was the last time I found a roach dead in my rice never again do yourself a favor keep away from this place
“It's been a while since my last review with Green Papaya. Nothing has changed except I think the PHO broth got a touch better if that is possible! I ordered the PHO special with includes all the different meats incl...
“This is a very nice Silver Spoon location. The food is the same quality as the head chef travels between the stores to ensure consistency. I must admit the Thai food is not as authentic as some hole in the wall Thai...
“By far the best oriental food I have tried to date. The soups and spring rolls are my favorite and the prices are very reasonable. Good service along with a good environment.
“La comida es excelente y los sabores incomparables.Me encanto. Ademas los precios son comodos. Es necesario esperar un poco pero para el resultado; vale la pena. Hector y Sandra Cruz
“Food always is good, at decent price, but the last time I went asked for coffee and two of them cost me almost the same that one of the dishes: $3.95 each when you have a lunch for $8.95. There is not proportion.
“Every time I dine there or take out, the food is extraordinary!
“Simple tiny little hole in the wall restaurant in Miami Lakes that's clean, fresh, with delicous Vietnamese cooking. This was the first place I tried it and have loved it since, Soooo goood!
“By far one of the best authentic Vietnamese food down here in South Florida! The PHO is awesome! In addition to great culture food, it also has the best Boba drinks I've ever tasted! I've had them from the west c...
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