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“Who feels like some stale foccacia and doughy pizza? no? How about drinks served in plastic cups, drinks you pay $8 each for mind you. Well, at Bice bistro you can expect this and then some. The linguini and clam sa...
“I usually like hooters by on this one the customer service is really bad!!! if you call to place an order they are not kind AT ALL, you know why.. because they are not getting a TIP! oh and you can not order kids me...
“im from Australia and i was there in miami in 1993 and i been to ur bar and its the best i love it. cant wait to travel again and when i do i b coming back there again..
“TERRIBLE PLACE! This place is geared for tourists- people they can treat badly who won't be returning anyway. They food is greasy, but hot and palatable. The service is awful but what do you expect at a diner with a...
“dirty dirty dirty rude unknowing staff no management
“Great place, great location, nice service staff and friendly manager. I would recommend this Hooter's to everyone.
“A 50's diner. Has a simple menu of hamburgers, fries, shakes, etc. Good atmosphere...the staff dances when certain songs are played.
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