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Has been here for MANY years, GREAT chicken and super friendly service, Hands on owners with good values that really care about their customers. They go the extra mile to see that you're happy, good desserts too!
4 star(s)
Have been a Boston Market customer for many years, beginning in Denver in the 90's. Food quality is the company's hallmark -- great commitment to consistently tasty foods. Value for dollar has declined over past several years. Retail pricing not nearly as attractive as was once the case. Not an inex...
2 star(s)
Oh please, this place is pure pu.. my dog won't even eat their excuse for a hamburger. Go elsewhere if you want fast food that is at least edible.
Ths BEST fried chicken I have ever had.Been eating there for years. Great service and a good value. Never had a bad experience. Will never go back to KFC!
We had takeout, the chicken is great, not greasy, and very hot. The sides are very good, especially the cole slaw. We have eaten here many timers since 1984, and have never had a bad experience. Wish I could find coupons though!!!!!!
1 star(s)
I have been to this location a couple of times and the other reviews are COMPLETLEY correct. The food is so-so, and half the time in the evening, no one will come to the drive up window. I can't understand how this has been going on for so long and why these employees are still employed.
I'd love to say something about this place but when I went they were closed for cleaning. At 6 PM on a Friday night! Need less to say my son ate McDonalds that night. Doesn't BK corporate know of this joke of a place?
5 star(s)
I have been to Melbourne several times in the last 2 years and my friends always take me to Checkers. I have found your Champ burgers and your chili cheese fries to be fantastic. We do not have any Checkers in Reading, PA and really wish we did. It was a very pleasent experience. We were waited on ...
3 star(s)
This is by far the worst Burger King that I have been to in the state. It's close to my home and I keep thinking these people will get fired and sevice will get better but it doesn't. I have been there 3 times since spiderman and my child has yet to receive the spiderman toy, the food is usually old...