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“Wonderful place and the food is very delicious, specially Lamb chops and Beef shish plates also the sandwiches, I try Philly cheese steak sandwich so good
“great tasting pizza I now only get my pizza from here. love it!
“best food ever!!
“To Mr.steward allways be the best from setya.your ex employes
“Hey, I really like this place. I don't know what all the reviews above are so negative. I never had a problem with my order, food was great and the people there are friendly. I order at least 3 times a week from ...
“This has been my favorite take-out Chinese restaurant for many years. The food is wonderful and very reasonably priced and the people are as friendly and nice as you can get. I'm in Woodland hills but think the driv...
“THE CUSTOMER ISN'T ALWAYS RIGHT. I walked to this shoddy establishment with my cousin because it was close to his house and I had been there before. The pizza was good, it's a shame this time made me never want to...
“Thank you, whoever wrote the review saying that the place had gone downhill since the move and that they found the owner rude. I'm glad it's not just me.
“This place has really gone down hill since the move. Plus the owner is so very rude.
“Good pizza. Good in house service. Horrible delivery service. The man cheated our nine year old out of money so that he could double his tip. When we complained, they did nothing. Guess it was the owner - that woul...
“Pizza is amazing but the delivery service sucks! They often get orders wrong and do little to correct the problem.
“Excellent Food at a Great Price!
“The food is good when I tried the first time. But they dont maintain the standard. I called up the Arunee house thai restaurant and asked about gift certificates. They did not even respond properly. They said th...
“New to the area. Best Pizza so far. I will be back! :)
“I love foods so yummy
“Great, delicious, excellent food! Wonderful service and atmosphere.
“Best Place ever
“The SUBS are the BEST! Love the Peppe Steak!
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