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“perfect place for lunch. all you can eat Japanese food with a high quality and value. servers are polite and well-trained. food is fresh and tasty and the buffet is always full and clean.
“best little taco shop in glendale. great salsa and fresh meat! nice people and cool little look.
“theres no chicken that has the delectable taste that dinahs has. never have they failed my epicurian delight.
“Consistently great food, friendly service, fantastic bread and olive oil.
“Dinah's Chicken is a blast from the past!!! A must for all who love anything Retro & Americana!!! The chicken is good too!
“previous review is a bit harsh. Dinah's is what it is. Pretty good chicken, for real cheap (less than $5 for 1/2 chx meal including sides). Roscoe's ain't much for ambiance or cleanliness either, but has dynami...
“Dinah's has a limited menu with poor ambience. The food quality is questionable as well as the cleanliness. If you want a homestyle chicken meal experience, Dinah's is adequate, but I work 1 block away and never pla...
“Very traditional Lebanese fare. The food is great, try the fattoush salad, kibbeh balls and baba ganoush. Very affordable.
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