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Great wings. Service not so great.Very slow service even when not very busy. Crowded on tues due to cheap wings.
5 star(s)
" Thai Chilli ", is a wonderful, quirky, neighborhood restaurant that serves some of the best Thai food in town.... The ambience is peaceful and soothing, simply decorated with Thai artifacts and memorabilia. The difference is that here the flavors seem more subtle, and the curries less sweet than e...
5 star(s)
This is one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The food is freshly made, no microwaved food or prepackaged stuff. The salsa is spicy and comes with baskets of tortilla chips. Try the fajita burrito, the chimi or sour cream chicken enchiladas. Don't pass up the strawberry shortcake -- it's their ow...
5 star(s)
This is a great place. It is small but that's part of its charm. The menu is extensive and you get hugh portions. We love the little gift shop in the front and they have the best desserts. Sometimes we just go in for coffee & dessert.
Were there for almost two hours. Horrible server. After asking the manager why it was taking so long, the manager never even apologized or comped us food. We will never go back!
They have the best wings.. the best thing about this place is they Deliver too! Love it!
best bar ever better wings than bw's wild wings
5 star(s)
I previously left a review complaining of the new owners. Since then, the original owners have come back. AMEN! Everything is back to how it used to be. Excellent service, excellent value, great food and drink at reasonable prices and that "where everybody knows your name" feeling. Give Mr. B's...
5 star(s)
The original owners are back, and I am so glad. We weren't very pleased with the service the last time that we went. We decided to give it another shot and the original owners were back and the food and service was top notch!
5 star(s)
Great food....Great People....A wonderful place to visit....The owner cares about you and her food...Try the noon buffet.....Rice pudding with Rose Water is the best......
2 star(s)
Our waiter was terribly rude. Food was good and owner was kind. But will not be dining there again due to wait staff.
2 star(s)
I agree with the first one...RUDE service, they need a lesson in how to act, food nothing to rave about unless you like small portions and high prices
I felt as if I was walking into a chain restaurant...I guess I'm missing those Mom & Pops that used to be...the staff was not very friendly, I felt like I was not important and they rushed me through my decision...
1 star(s)
I am sorry to have to complain but we were very upset with the Arby's we ate at. When we got our food it seemed to be ok and I do not mind paying over 20.00 for fast food, but when you're eating and the server leaves from behind the counter because it is not busy and starts sweeping the floor (Only ...
5 star(s)
the food is good the last people who rated it are just trying to give it a bad name...
5 star(s)
Well, let me tell you about this particular Arby's. At first from the outside it looks normal. The entrance is easy to find and the landscape is very well taken care of. Once I got to ordering, everyone had smiles on their faces. It felt very comforting but awkward at the same time. Most likely beca...
It would be nice if the arrogant owner would stop strutting around and begin to act her age. Maybe she was okay back then but it distracts from the overall ambiance.
1 star(s)
Mr B's used to be one of our favorite places, unfortunately the ownership has changed and not for the better. The server was slow and rude from the beginning, and was obviously more interested in chatting on the phone and laughing it up with friends at the bar. My daughter and her boyfriend arrive...
excellent food, large portions, good service.
Great food just like mom used to make!