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Pizza Bowl Restaurant
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(718) 934-8035

2110 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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Chubsy Wubsy Pizza & Chicken
American, Pizzeria
Fra Amici Pizzeria and Restaurant
Italian, Pizzeria

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Caribbean, Pizzeria

Reviews of Similar Restaurants

Pizzeria, Kosher
Love the pizza and other food.
Pizzeria, Kosher
amazing sushi 1
Pizzeria, Kosher
Lovely place, with great stuff. Feel like I have been in Italy. Basil fries is simply the best fries I have ever eaten, their mushroom soup made fresh and taste like 20-30$ soup I had in city. Prices are very normal. 2 people would spend about 40- ...
Pizzeria, Kosher
simply the best pizza ever
Pizzeria, Kosher
j2 is known for there amazing pizza but i was in the mood of sushi i ordered 1 bakes sushi roll and 1 tempura roll it was simply amazing i highly recommend this place

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