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Old Bay Steamer
Fort Walton Beach
Ricks Crab Trap
Fort Walton Beach
Pandoras Restaurant & Lounge
Fort Walton Beach
Thai House Restaurant
Fort Walton Beach
Citrus Organic Cafe
Fort Walton Beach

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“Chicken salad....AWESOME
“I would not dine at this restaurant ever again, nor would I recommend it to anyone. There is just really nothing good about this place. They overcharge for the amount of food you get, and it doesn't even taste tha...
“We dine here everytime we are in town...atleast twice. Wonderful food, great atmosphere. Very kid friendly menu. Our whole family enjoys it.
“We ate at the Thai House for the first time and the waitress was helpful in explaining the different dishes. The food was very good. When we were leaving my husband picked up the chopstix we had used at dinner along...
“The food was delicious also it had a very good price. It is a perfect place for a family to eat and enjoy the beach.
“I lived in Crestview for 5 years and we went to eat at the Thai house at least 3 times a week,this place is the BEST Thai food I have ever tasted, I live in California now and I cannot find Thai food near as good as...
“Hey, I just want to let everyone know that this is the best Thai restaurant around this area. Believe me they closed for the holiday's an d i tried to find something at least close to the taste and texture, nut no ...
“this rest. is as close to real thai taste, as any thai rest. in town. all thai cooks. taught by real thai chef.
“Basil chicken (Thai medium) is amazing. Best I've had including a very big-deal Thai restaurant in London. Especially when you spoon some lemon grass soup over it.
“Loved the grilled chicken salad and the pizza is great but the owner is so friendly you think you're at his home dining. Don't miss this restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
“Best food and service, owners are friendliest in town.
“This place is fun. The portions are huge, there's hot sauce everywhere, and the people are super nice.
“Bay Cafe has an amazing menu. The Chef is both creative and skilled. The food is always fresh and of the highest quality. My husband has been a chef at several high end restaurants and this is one of the VERY few...
“just visited fort walton beach and heard very good things about the bangkok house. this place was amazing!!! their buffet was delicious with a number of traditional thai dishes, prepared fresh. If an item was run...
“We were very excited to try this restaurant but were sadly disappointed. The service was slow, the food was just ok, and the prices were pretty steep. I would find another Thai restaurant in Ft. Walton or Destin the...
“The food at China Taste is excellent. My wife and I have been dining there since they opened. The staff have always been nice. The resturaunt is small but clean and the price of the food is very reasonable. We w...
“We love this place! We take all our guests here to eat yummy Italian food. The cheese bread is our favorite.
“The best Thai restaurant in the area.
“I dine regularly at The Bay Café, and am always delighted to note the consistency with which the excellent French cuisine is served. The Staff are helpful and knowledgable about the food and wines, a good list, and...
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