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Andrew's 228
Hopkins Eatery
Hoagie Express

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“luv this place
“Great staff, great service and really good food fixed just the way you want it! Thanks to all!
“Huge buffet for a great price, ESPECIALLY lunch!!!! Everything I eat is very tasty. Lots of diff meat and vegetables, great fried rice, and they even have Mi Fen noodle dishes!!!!
“I work next to Hoagie and go every morning just for the service and food alone. I will continue going every morning and afternoon for the service and food.
“Though 12 years have passed, especially the warmth of cuisine in this restaurant, I can not forget .. I could go back sometime to visit China Super Buffet, tallahasse.FL. just to taste the delicious pork, mongolian ...
“Excellent place for breakfast or lunch. I eat here probably three or four times a week. The food is great and the customer service is so outstanding I can not compare it to anywhere else I have ever been!
“Very friendly
“Hopkins Eatery is Tallahassee classic sandwich, salads, etc. location -- since at least 1978. Check it out -- soon -- two locations.
“Simply one of the best in the category!!!
“wondering if you all are doing any hiring rigth now please email kathy newman back asapthakn you very muchkathy
“Nothing special here. The dining room resembles a paneled basement from 1975, including warped, waterstained, and moldy panels. Sticky vinyl tablecloths are a nice touch, though. The food is remarkable only for its'...
“The 1 thing this place offers that you can't get anywhere else... Great customer service. They know me by name, and don't even have to take my order, they know what I eat, and just ask me if I want the usual.
“I work in the Winewood Complex and this is the best option in the area for lunch. I call in my order and they have my lunch ready by the time I walk over. The food is great and their lunch specials are always a grea...
“Great Food, Great Variety, Great Prices. I eat there 4 or 5 times each week
“Great place for ordering spiral-sliced hams and roasted turkey, etc. I often use them for big dinners/luncheons. Very good value. They could improve in cleanliness and the look of the place, but otherwise it's great...
“We ate here in Dec of 2009 with our three children. We all had a great experience and the food was very good. It is a higher priced meal but worth it. Owners were very nice. Will be going back for our date night soo...
“Brisket? Yeah right. I know my beef and that was roast beef. The Boston Market back home was previously a Baker's Square and you still sit down and order a menu. This place serves cold food to you on a plastic p...
“This place is a good place to go and eat. Not new, clean and very good food. It has high ratings from food critics. I'm surprised it has no ratings here. It has buffet style with several authentic Chinese foods,...
“An old friend and I had dinner there last night-we both got the filet mignon and it was DIVINE! I actually realized after I finished the steak that I forgot to use my steak knife and was able to cut through it perfe...
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