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Once the westward edge of a growing metropolis, Floresta was built around the ever growing railroad system that now connects the humid port city of Buenos Aires to the rest of the country spanning as far west as the Andes mountains and as far south as the Antarctic circle.

Floresta is a working class neighborhood, whose streets are filled with the smells of its Sicilian, Spanish and French heritages. Pasta shops, artisanal ice cream stores, butcher shops, bakeries, farmer markets and spice shops fill the streets of this quiet enclave in Buenos Aires.

While the city center experiences the hustle and bustle of day-to-day city living, Floresta maintains the traditions of the siesta and medienda of quotidian life. Each Sunday, pasta and sauces are handmade by caring arthritic hands of grandmothers, grills are wood fired and cared for by families whose stories of Porteno grandeur are shared over Gancia cocktails and locally produced salumi. Outside, tiled streets are swept over the tete-a-tete of lukewarm kettles fueling their mate driven conversations. Down the block the smell of freshly baked bread and facturas wafts through the lazy streets.

Floresta is more than a neighborhood. It is a place in time; it is delicious and simple food that feeds bodies and nourishes souls; it is quiet strolls at sunset, heated political discussion at cafes and ice cream on outdoor benches. Floresta is home....Welcome!

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