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530 Ocean's Grill

(305) 532-4747

530 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Maya Tapas & Grill
American Traditional, Argentinean, European, International
100 Montaditos

Restaurant Description

Welcome to Ishq.

Ishq means love. Whether you share our love for life, exquisite cuisine, or fine wine, we invite you to celebrate Ishq with us.

At Ishq, you will discover the diversity, color, spice and excitement of contemporary Indian cuisine. Throughout the country's remarkable history, India's territories have been occupied by many, including the British, the French, the Portuguese and the Persians, just to name a few... each leaving their very distinctive mark on the culture and its cuisine. Tea and custards, common Indian fare, were brought by the British. Coconut curries were adopted from the Portuguese and rich cream curries from the Persians.

India is an extremely diverse country, with hundreds of dialects and cultures that vary by region. The cuisine is equally diverse. In Northern India, breads are made with different wheat flours and the curries are more cream based, while rice is more prevalent in the South and curries get their richness from coconut milk. Naturally, since the South of India has an extensive coastline, seafood is more common, while Northern Indian cuisine showcases more meat.

Throughout the country, one common element of all of India's cuisine is spice. Spice is used to enhance the taste of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables, legumes and even the rice. It is unfortunate that spice means only heat to some. A careful combination of spice is used to heighten the senses and to raise the intensity of the dining experience to a higher, yet pleasurable level. We hope you enjoy your gourmet journey through India's incredible history and culture and thank you for allowing us to take you on this memorable adventure at Ishq.

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