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Abilene Restaurant Reviews

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Welcome to our Abilene restaurant reviews guide where you'll find top restaurants off the beaten path, both locally owned and chain. In fact, some of the best restaurants in the Abilene just might be the little mom and pop operations flying under the radar. For some of the best picks in Abilene, you've come to the right place.

Our Abilene restaurant reviews guide can help you make sense of the thousands of options out there. Happy eating!

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A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (03/30/2011)
“After eating here several time, my wife will not let me go to the buffet places any more. The food quality here is far superior, and yes if you go more than once or twice you are just about family. Combine that with donuts from George's other place (AM Donuts) and you just can't beat it.”

Subway Sandwiches & Salads

 4 star(s)  (03/22/2011)
“I just had a 6 inch ham & cheese double meat with pepper jack, from the Subway at 1050 S Treadaway Blvd Abilene, TX 79602. Was pretty good, not a long line and plenty of places to sit, may have to go there again some time. Still more Subways in town I need to hit up.”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (02/24/2011)
“This place has great Ramen noodles. Excellent broth, and it's prices. The owner, and waitress were very friendly. If you're Japanese, and looking for the great noodle shop this is it!! The next one is in San Antonio that's just like this one. I will for sure to be back, the next time I'm visiting ... ”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (01/26/2011)
“The best place for Asian food in Abilene - real tasty. Have even ordered 'chicken-on-a-stick' for colleagues at a local college Christmas party in December 2010. The entire amount (and it was quite a bit) was gone before I could go and check if anything's left. And all my colleagues are typical West... ”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (01/21/2011)
“Taste of Asia is fanatstic! It's a family run business. Kids of the staff are frequently seen playing in the big room with customers' kids. George and his wife, Sokul make you feel completely at home. It is friendly, relaxed and best of all, delicious! There is no MSG added besides what is in the co... ”

Buffet City

 4 star(s)  (01/11/2011)
“Service is excellent, selection is great, it would be nice if they were to have a liquor license and music from the Orient. My friends and I were very satisfied on several occasions. Overall we give them an A. Nice job.”

Ann's Thai Kitchen

 5 star(s)  (12/03/2010)
“The panang curry is delicious, i could bathe in it. I would drink it from a cup if it was allowed. I currently go in the bathroom with my plate when noone is looking and lick it clean. Its so good it will make you wanna slap your momma.”

Bogie's Specality Deli's

 5 star(s)  (09/20/2010)
“Wonderful, locally-owned lunch place. Great variety of sandwiches, salads, and hamburgers. Come early, they draw a crowd. Open 10:30-2 Mon-Fri. They also do a great job with catering orders.”

Cypress Street Station

 4 star(s)  (04/19/2010)
“We jsut tried a couple of appetizers. We thought they were very good. The service although a bit slow was not a problem for us because we did not feel rushed or bothered. I have been recommeding this place to friends. The menu was small but looked intriguing and the beer sampler was decent but I wou... ”

Buffet City

 3 star(s)  (04/10/2010)
“The only Asian buffet in Abilene we'll go to. Large selection of food, clean with polite waitstaff. A lot of the flavors are geared for American tastes but it's fast food that is way better than "fast food". Good especially if you're in a hurry! I hope the mussels aren't gone for good though...”

Bangkok Thai Cuisine Restaurant

 3 star(s)  (04/10/2010)
“This is my second fav Asian restaurant in Abilene. The curries are sublime but the Nam Pla Muk (squid salad) is the prize I come here for. This place is NOT westernized so be prepared to eat authentic Thai food when you come here!”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (04/10/2010)
“I seriously think that the two negative reviewers were not real diners that have been there, if you know what I mean (sour grapes?). TOA has been my Asian food oasis in dry West Texas for years. I'm an Asian food junkie and that's all we eat when we're in Dallas, Austin, etc. The "Diner from Dyess" ... ”

Towne Crier Steakhouse

 1 star(s)  (03/04/2010)
“very disapointed. Was recomended by a friend in Dallas, that hasn't been here in the last 2 years & said it was great, steaks as good as you get. I ordered the 12 oz sirloin & it come out like a figure 8 2 small pieces. Bread -great. Sorry was very bad guys Jim Young Sr Dallas Tx”

Towne Crier Steakhouse

 4 star(s)  (12/17/2009)
“I first visited this establishment in the early 1970's when I lived in this town. I have dined all over the world and their food still impresses me as good wholesome fare. Their cream of broccolli soup is particularly nice. As are their steaks. The grilled pork chops are very tender as well. An... ”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (11/29/2009)
“If George does not win you over with his friendly approach and his jovial attitude, his delicious food surely will. Excellent cooking backed by a very friendly staff that makes you feel right at home. Their fusion oriented approach means that they are bound to win numerous friends from different cul... ”

Chinese Kitchen

 3 star(s)  (11/29/2009)
“Chinese Kitchen used to be good everytime I ate there. Now it's hit or miss. The food can be bland at times and the portions are small.”

A Taste of Asia

 1 star(s)  (11/18/2009)
“Where's the vietnamese quisine, for example the spring rolls were larger in size but lacked flavor as well as the condiment that came with it. I always knew there was fish sauce in the sauce but never could smell it. I ordered my kids chicken fried rice and it came with the whole egg in it. I've fo... ”

Ann's Thai Kitchen

 5 star(s)  (11/14/2009)
“The best food in town! I eat at Ann's Thai every Thursday and love trying something new, but I have never been disappointed. The lunch specials are just enough food for a perfect price. Ann's Thai is a must!”

A Taste of Asia

 1 star(s)  (09/26/2009)
“MSG my food was glowing as is came to me from what must have been the toilet. The food is hideous to all extent of the word. Honestly awful food. Good service waitress was super nice. Can't give em credit beyond good service because the food tastes so bad”

A Taste of Asia

 5 star(s)  (09/25/2009)
“Awesome food! I've eaten there several times and have tried something different everytime. The owner George is so helpfull when ordering, he'll answer any question you may have. Great ambiance too. The best place in town for Asian cuisine!”

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