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“We are done with this place! The last time the spring rolls were rancid. This time the food was just plain bad and the atmosphere was hot and overwhelming with sesame oil and incense. We asked for crispy noodles an...
“I have eaten at a lot of Chinese Restaurants, I have to tell you this one by far is the absolute Best I have ever had, My husband and I moved her 1 year ago to Ventura and just by chance we found this place and figu...
“Snappy refreshing service and very tasty food.
“The place is a good find have romantic atmosphere and best Indian food around ,been there so many times never disappointed.
“excellent service, good quiality, and the cashier was excellent.. she knows her job... she knows the 10/4 rule.... she was skinny, short girl... i love this place maria
“The food, cafe and service were excellent. Visited with a friend while in town over the Thanksgiving holiday and Andres and his entire staff were curteous, friendly and made me feel like I was dining at home. If y...
“The food was excellent. Service rating is low because server appeared to be a busboy instead of a trained waiter, perhaps because they were under staffed. He did not serve like an experienced server at an upscale ...
“Chrisy's is a friendly, charming restaurant with very good food and spectacular service. I love eating here because all of the employees make me feel as though I'm eating at Grandma's. The food is not only delicio...
“I LOVE their sandwiches and they have THE BEST FRIES!! Super friendly employees! I wish it was next door...
“Good pizza; great for kids because of all the arcade games. Warning: the kids run wild.
“Great steakhouse with a salad bar and an ice cream bar!!! Both their steak and chicken are good. I'm hungry thinking about it now.
“This is really good!! All I had was a bagel, but I was impressed because I wasn't expecting much.
“I'll pass this pizza up. Toppers is so much better.
“Mmm, soft pretzels and lemonade.
“good American fast food. Great milkshakes and ice cream too.
“Good, but expensive. Pricewise, if you want a quick slice of pepperoni, you won't get the best value. But it's really, really good. I have only eaten here once.
“It's all right. Good corn dogs.
“great food and excelllent service. great management
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