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The food at Al' s was eatable cucumber salad good...potatoe salad could be better ...a little less vinegar to the Edelweiss restaurant we tried out, =their food was so bad we left half on the plate... and will never return again....the bean salat was made from french style canned beans...
I am from Killeen and I have to say I LOVE this place to eat. My whole family goes there it is very nice dinning in but they also deliver too GREAT!! FOOD IS AWESOME
They have the best enchiladas in all of Texas...i so wish i could go there for dinner tonight!! I don't live there but I frequent this place every time I come to Killeen. Keep up the good work!!!
I love this restaurant! The food is excellent. You get your food fast and don't have to wait for service.
While the food is generally not the most fantastic thing ever, this is a good hangout for Saturday night karaoke. Service was alright, if a bit too laid back. I had to get up and find the waitress a couple of times. Definitely not for kids, since this is more a bar than a restaurant.
4 star(s)
Great food, good variety, our waitress took very good care of us even with the large mess our 1yr old left. Cant beat the price!
At least thats what it was 20 years ago. Went to Killeen a few months ago and this place is CLOSED. Can find NO GERMAN restaurants in the area... What the heck happened to them? Used to be 2. No where to get German food in the Killeen area...
Totaly disapointed now in Big Al's, Food use to be real good and Pricing was ok, now the Food is not eatable no more and Service is getting worse by the minute. Had a Schnitzel, wasnt able to eat it thats how bad it was. Will never go back again.
Lack of variety, rude phone service, and very unhelpful. Word of mouth goes a long way. I can't wait until I'm asked for a referral. It most definately WONT be to this place.
1 star(s)
I have been to this location several times and every time they have messed up my order. One particular visit left me so infuriated that I actually contacted the company and manager and complained. They had served me tacos with a laughable amount of meat and cheese... it didn't even fill the bottom o...
This place is a joke and needs to just stay what it is - a hole in the wall bar!! It should not even be listed under restaurants!!! The food is the worst German food I have ever eaten. I was born there and lived there half of my life. The prices are WAY too high for what they are serving.....uh MICR...
Food wasn't all that good. Thought Killeen was all smoke free but I guess because this is a "bar" there was smoke allowed. Not so bad though, they did have a no-smoking section. Felt like an "outsider" when sitting in no-smoking section. Waitress was not very good. Never checked on us or filled...
The best beef enchiladas you will eat anywhere! You're missing out if you don't give them a try!
4 star(s)
I've been going to China Star in Killeen for about 6 years, and I LOVE it! I can only think of one time they've left me unhappy, and I go there almost every month, so that's saying something. Their food is the best Chinese food in Killeen, and that's saying something because God knows there are a to...
5 star(s)
IF YOU LOVE KOREAN FOOD .....then this is the place to eat at. It's a little family own restaurant and it always seem as if they cook their food with love in it. I know..that sounded cheesy, but if you were to just take a bite even from their little side dishes that they offer with your ordered mea...
Let's get something straight right now -- this is a bar. No getting around that. When I walked in, there was a group of patrons hanging around the bar, three people around the pool table, and a scattering of people in the "dining" areas. It smelled of smoke a great deal, but wasn't very smoky. T...
This is the best chinese Buffet place you can eat in Killeen. It cost roughly $20 for two and the food is fantastic! When I lived two hours away a few years ago I went all the way to killeen to eat food at CHINA STAR! It is well worth a drive even to just check it out!
i don't have the time to go one by one and rate each area...lets just say i've been inside the kitchen and i've eaten there since i was like 12. I'm only rushing get there before all the other families get all the good ribs. its the best chinese joint in killeen for about 8 years running
The Best authenic mexican food in Texas. The tacos and enchilada are awesome!!!
Best Beef Enchiladas anywhere! No longer live in Killeen but when I do go, that is one of the first places I go.