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5 star(s)
Thanks so much for you and Paul stopping by our table in the restaurant by the wine barrels tonight. We have not been to your restaurant in a while (usually go to Christopher's but not anymore!!!) but thoroughly enjoyed our time tonight. Our server, Meredith Yeary, was unbelievable! My wife and I...
5 star(s)
Best. Shrimp. Tacos. EVER. Hole in the wall place, little English spoken by staff, but amazing food and incredibly cheap. Have not ever found better shrimp tacos.
The food was great ad my wife and I go there 1 to 2 times a month.
I live in California now, but whenever I get a chance to go back to the Longhorn it's hard to decide what I should eat. The chicken fried steak is the best anywhere. The fried pork chops can't be found anywhere else either and the sirloin for two is really a sirloin for four. Great down home food, g...
Taco Cabana is a Texas Staple. It's always been good. I can count on one hand the times it has been sub-par.. and that's in 10 years of eating there. You might not like everything on the menu, and it's a chain restaurant, so some of them might be better than others. But it's a good, cheap, fresh...
5 star(s)
My kids loved this place, the Manager Mike is very friendly and courteous, making sure we have all that we need. The kids had a great time as well as Mom and Dad, there was no complaints about what kind of pizza to order or anyone getting left out because they didn't eat as fast as the others. It w...
I love the food and the service is great so keep it up.
I really liked the restaurant and food.
I love eating at this restaurant. It is family oriented and the staff are very friendly.
The food is horrible. If you like eating old greasy cardboard then you would like this place. No stars for me. I've eaten there a few times and the only thing was good were the chips and queso.
5 star(s)
Fat Burger offers genuinely friendly service and GREAT burgers! Their BEVO BUSTER is a meal in itself (1 lb.+), and the fries and onion rings are the best in B/CS, hands down! What they give up in "ambience" is more than made up for with the excellent food! Worth a try, and a return visit.
5 star(s)
This place has really good burgers and a good environment. It's a great place to go if it's your first time in town. You'll get a nice relaxing meal. Try it.
4 star(s)
Fat Burger is a very dirty place, and the burgers are not anything special at all. The tables are always unclean, as are the windows. The employees are generally friendly.
4 star(s)
This restraunt is excellent to have them deliver to you. The food is wonderful and inexpensive and very convenient to get.