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“Best Cheesesteaks around. Landis honestly rivals any cheesesteak place in the city. Go in ask for the "GodMother" it's one of the most incredible things I've ever eaten. Landis is the real deal for sure.
“This place was great!
“This is the "real deal" of cheese steaks and hoagies in the suburbs of Philly. Seriously, chat with the owners, who have been doing this since 1968, and enjoy eating in a REAL sandwhich shop with fabulous food.
“Food is simply terrible and delivery takes forever, seriously..
“One of the best dining experiences Wayne has to offer, this Taco Bell goes above and beyond any other i've ever seen. The care put into every item makes it truly a great experience to dine here.
“I have never heard anyone say anything wrong about bertucci's, everyone loves the service the food and the overall environment, although there are somethings bound to go wrong at any restaurant. The food is incredib...
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