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Taco Bell
King Of Prussia

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“I was visiting King of Prussia from out of town a month ago. One Day my sister and I decided to go shopping in the mall. After along day of shopping ,we got really hungry. So we went to Taco Bell. I like that the fa...
“This place was great except all you can wings is different from the rest of the chain. While their all you can eat wings is on Tuesdays. That is crazy talk. Laurie was the best waitress by far if you ever were fo...
“This restaurant has the best pizza around! The workers are very nice and friends with everyone by the time they are done their meal. Great place to eat!
“A long shopping day left me exhausted and starving when I happened to stumble upon Mesa Grill. I ordered their version of a taco salad and it was made to order to my liking almost immediatly!!! All the ingredients w...
“It's definitely more expensive than taco bell, but this food is worth it! It's absolutely delicious and doesn't take more than five minutes to get your food.
“This is authentic, tasty deli food. Friendly, efficient staff and a large selection. Great value.
“Very good food! Great service they are very friendly and helpful.
“Great restaurant with an amazingly large menu. Caters to everyone, even the most fussy eater. Food is excellent!
“I love burgerking but not happy with the lack of nice customer service handling the food, cash, etc. No smiles, no look into the eye of customers, and most of all, the cashier should not be handling the food (fr. f...
“You can't beat the price or the genuine friendliness of this authentic Itallian Pizzaria!
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