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5 star(s)
Live right down the street from here love it wouldn'tgo any where else =)
5 star(s)
I take my 1 year old Granddaughter every Wednesday and she loves the Mac & Cheese Highly recommend if you’re looking for awesome sandwiches and sides, fast and friendly service and great variety to chose from.
5 star(s)
best hogies in lower bucks! clean deli, pleasant staff
5 star(s)
After a neighbor's review on June 24,2009 about the Valley Stream, I was reluctant ever to go there. However, I was invited to a family function at the restaurant and had no alternative but attend. Contrary to what was described by the adverse reviewer, my observation was totally different. I found ...
Great Place
Fabulous food, Amazing beer selection, dozens of beautiful flat screen TVs, and great daily specials all at rock bottom prices.
1 star(s)
Why avoid this place? Let me count the ways: 1. Smell of mold as soon as you walk in the door 2. Filthy windows and mirrors in the front entry way. 3. Scum and mold on the so-called fish tank that may have housed lobsters at one time. 4. The wait staff all sitting at the bar, watching TV as ...
4 star(s)
The one on Olden Ave has Yummy Ribs Yummy Chicken Yummy Corn fritters. Now they make extra Yummy Chicken Sandwiches! They also cater!
We come to the Lanhorne area once or twice a year and always try to visit the Blue Fountain. The menu is expansive and the food is great. The enire resurant is now non-smoking. Typical diner ambience. Overall, better than any other diner that I have tried
best diner in the is DELICIOUS...Yeah some of the wait staff doesn't seem too happy but it reminds me of the tv show Alice..and is what makes dining there fun...GREAT value is VERY good & affordable...Family friendly...Love it...have been eating here since the early 80's..
Great Wings and sandwiches. The rolls are top notch!!
5 star(s)
Hey, it's a take-out chicken place, so it doesn't supposed to have ambiance, but the chicken is quite tasty. Also, they just started making home made mac and cheese. It is quite good. If you want take out fried chicken, this is the best place to go in the area. If you want ambiance, get a hotel room...
5 star(s)
My first choice for take-out anytime!
It was only my 2nd visit to the diner and last. The salad bar is in the smoking section, it was hard to breath while getting our salads and the food smelled like smoke. Our waiter didnt seem like he really wanted to be there or serve us. We got desert with our meal but didnt want what they offered ...