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5 star(s)
Great food with reasonable prices. My family and I had a great experience there and we are planning to dine there again shortly!
Great food - extensive casual menu - 15 different salad variations - great specials - phenomenal burgers - huge portions - very affordable - upscale and fusion dishes as well as old favorites - you gotta try the soups. And desserts ... Fugedaboudit! Try it, you'll like it.
4 star(s)
Excellent experience overall. the Prix Fixe option is a great way to sample various offerings at a reasonable price. Food is very creative and well-presented. I would not recommend this bistro to folks who crave buffet quantities at the lowest price. Sovana satisfies a desire for quality and is qui...
I read the previous review about the burgers, so my wife and I decided to give them a try. Unbelievable!!!!They reminded me of when I was a kid at a family picnic. I couldn't put it down and ate every last morsel
the best burgers I've ever had!!!!
4 star(s)
Simply put, this is a really good restaurant that presents a creative menu emphasizing “locally grown” ingredients but has really not yet learned how to cook with them. At first I thought, “this chef is a 60 year old smoker,” because all of my dishes were so salty I could not taste any of the foo...
4 star(s)
I have eaten lunch at Sovana quite a few times - the food is very good creatively done - if they are very busy the service may suffer. My biggest complaint however is with their ridiculous reservation policy - You must leave a message and they supposedly will call you back - I called to see if I act...
5 star(s)
My family and I went to Sovana last year for my birthday, and the sweetbreads were melt-in-your mouth good. I am very excited to go back again. I'm actually both sad and a little offended at the poor review one person gave this restaurant, as my experience was excellent.
5 star(s)
I would like to thank the whole staff for one of the best dinning experiences I have encountered in long time. I live in New Jersey and will come back any time I am in your area. My client from Philadelphia said he will be your regular guest. Thanks again. Peter Sudek SUDEK USA INC.
5 star(s)
The other diner who reviewed this place sounds really cheap, no offense. I've been here several times and I've never been disappointed. The take something like grilled cheese and make it extraordinary (applewood bacon and apples!!!). Their French onion soup is THE best I've had. It's covered in ...
Great food, try the ribs and Uncle bills beans.
1 star(s)
The room was so cold that many of the women in the restaurant kept their coats on. It was so dark that we couldn't read the menu. When asked for a small flashlight, the waiter responded with a tiny, tiny candle to match the one on the table. Still couldn't see! For the $25-plus entrees, the port...