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Not a bad place for an after-work drink, if you drink. But the food here is not a draw. Typical pub fare, but atypically badly done ... undercooked chicken fingers, bland fries, flavorless burger. service was slooooow for a weeknight. one of only three tables with diners, and we waited well over...
5 star(s)
Food was wonderful and service was great too. It was definitely worth every penny. If you have never been, it is a must.
5 star(s)
New management recently took over. The food became so much better. General Tso's chicken is awesome!!! Prices are quite reasonable. Will definitely visit again.
5 star(s)
Centrella's makes the BEST hoagies, cheesesteaks and sandwiches. They are always FULL of meat and delicious. The service is fantastic and everyone is always greeted with a smile. It's a great neighborhood/family place.
3 star(s)
We have only done take-out here -- never dined in. The food has been good, but inconsistent. Soups were perfect the first night, so-so on a subsequent visit, too salty to be edible on a third. chef's specials are hit-or-miss as well. We now stick to classic stand-by fare of meins or rice.
2 star(s)
Still looking for a good local pie -- this isn't it. Crust was ok, but sauce lacked seasoning and the cheese was less than fresh and uninspired. The pie itself was undercooked. We also ordered toasted ravioli which were clearly frozen and without flavor.
My husband and I used to frequent the Aston location when we lived in Brookhaven. When we moved into Havertown, Seeing "Barnaby's" down the street was like finding a piece of home to make us more welcome. I have to say I prefer the food at the Aston location (same menu) but I actually like the atm...
Over-priced. Food is ok, but nothing worth $20 for a couple of sandwiches and fries. Emmett's was fantastic and sorely missed. And worth twice the price. And take down the grease-stained, yellow, curled, aged newspapers from the wall. Not great ambiance.
The best cheese steaks we've had in some time. And the world's best french fries!! Recently had breakfast - the best around (and worth the wait!). Way to go Halligans.
Easily the best cheese steaks in the entire Philly area. And their breakfast sandwiches are the best kept secret in Havertown.
ughhh steaks arent the same as when they were emmetts
4 star(s)
Outstanding food. BYOB. Dining area is a bit crowded and noisy, but the food more than compensates for this.
The old Emmett's is now the new Halligan's. It retains the old Emmett's feel, but with a few new touches like the best milkshakes in town.