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5 star(s)
I have been here several times with different groups I belong to, and have always been pleased with the overall restaurant.
1 star(s)
Sea Shell Bar and grille, horrible service. Then after the meal they would not honor a valid gift certificate, purchased same day. Got a major attitude from the waitress after I objected. They could care less, don't waste your money at this place.
Steel City Saloon is a great place to get a good dinner or lunch, and a friendly bartender, Karen. The bar also has a beautiful back patio with palm trees and often has car cruises and live music. A great place to dine and hang out!
Sat there for 32 minutes and never received a menu. I eventually flagged a lady down to take my order..she said "1 minute" 10 minutes later, after cleaning off tables, taking to go orders and seating people, she still had not taken my order. They had 2 people waiting on 30 tables. It was ridicul...
Hunan beef I had delivered to my work location was like 80% cucumbers, celery, and red pepper with a few scraggy looking pieces of beef. For $14.50!!!! AND they charged me $3 for a side of sweet and sour sauce!
Its hard anymore to get great value in a restaurant unless its under golden arches.However,Armstrongs in Moon has a line outside their door for 2 good reasons;great food with enormous servings and a great price to go with it.Mainly an Italian quisine,they have the pasta,hoagies,appetizers but think ...
it is the perfect place to eat. everything is good. the waiteress's get to kow you on a first name basis only problem is the wait to sit down. everyone in the area eats there. best time to go if you don't want to eat is 2pm-5pm and 8:30pm till close. i would definatly wait in line if i had to , be...