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5 star(s)
love it love it love it!!!!!! great service great food the people are so nice don't know how they remember all that stuff they hollar out but they are good at it keep up the great work!!!!
This resturant is just fun curb service. Most people use this place for take out. The burgers are wonderful. You must order a Set-Up which is great!
5 star(s)
Great food
5 star(s)
Best Seafood in town period.
5 star(s)
5 star(s)
Being from Maryland, I'm used to good seafood. I was pleasantly surprise at how great the food was. If you want good local seafood you will love Lincoln Seafood.
5 star(s)
Best Chicken on bone. To me it's better than KFC and Bojangles. Everytime we order from Lincoln Seafood, all I can ever get is Chicken on Bone. Sometimes I want fish and when I order for some heck reason Chicken on bone comes out of my mouth. I've been getting chicken on bone for last 20 years. It's...
5 star(s)
The food and service is always great . My family has eating there for years .
This is a great resturant that is run by the family. Everyone is so nice and it is kinda like Cheers, everyone knows you name. The food is great as well.
My husband and I ate there with our grandchildren. We all had something different and it was all delicious. My 11 year old ,who thinks he is a pizza connosoiuer, said the pizza was great. The wait staff were very friendly. The best Italian place we have found since we moved here.
5 star(s)
Wonderful food!!
Court Street Gille is a wonderful, clean, well served restaurant with great and imaginative food. Its continental menu is a breath of fresh air for pokey little Lincolnton. The very fact that it has done so well that it expanded into the building next door speaks volumes for its quality. A must-d...
This restaurant is wonderful, the staff is friendly & informative, the menu is a delight and the restaurant is clean & has a relaxing environment.
Old Time Drive In over 50 years old. Eat in your car with a Curb hop at your service or in the small dining room.Nothing too fanzy but it is ove 50 years old. Good Old Fashion fast food just like in the 50s. Becky, the curb hop never has to carry an order book and can remember multiple orders withou...
We love China 1 because the food is GREAT! and it is a good family value meal.
good food, prices too! Love the lunch specials!
3 star(s)
They do not know how to get an order right untill you tell them 3 times. This in not a good way to keep busness. the fries were cold when i got then and the container was only half full.
Love the food always have but we always eat outside because it feels so dirty and nasty inside plus the people cooking always look gross and unkept!
1 star(s)
I am still trying to contact this Mcdonalds because of the very POOR service that I received. I just wanted to call the restaurant to let them know that my Whole Order was wrong and because I have Not been able to EVEN find a WORKING telephone number has gotten me Very Upset! Maybe the Number is as ...
1 star(s)
The service is slow and the people lacking in good attitudes. The food is usually cold when you get it after waiting as long as 15 minutes to get a small order. Then if complain to the cashier; they are RUDE. When they remodeled we thought the service would be better but if you can believe it ; the ...