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3 star(s)
Food absolutely excellent, always. Eaten here many times and know this type cuisine. Best of type in area, or anywhere. BUT...service is glacial and confused, owner is chef and allows no one else, even his wife, to assist on the grill, so if place is crowded wait for meal can be an hour. Inside is...
We purchased an eight piece dark meat chicken dinner yesterday evening at Mrs. Winner's in Jamestown and it was outrageously good! The biscuits were tender, buttery and full of flavor, and the chicken was prepared to perfection. I plan to call the store and congratulate the staff - it was that good!
5 star(s)
Happy Garden, is indeed the correct term. It's a peaceful setting, child friendly, The service is very focused on your having a dining experience. I believe they prepare their food with Love, I have eaten at many Asian Restaurants & ordered from practically all in the Triad area. No doubt, Ha...
5 star(s)
Enjoyed the food immensely! Thought I could only get a decent Greek meal in my hometown of Chicago. I finally found a place that serves Greek for that tastes just as good! Will be going back again and again!
5 star(s)
best gyro in town. best greek food
Friendly staff, good food, good prices. Sanitation grade always high-near 100 (sometimes over). Great place for family meals.
5 star(s)
The food at Taste of Troy is fabulous and the people are wonderful. We have had the benefit of experiencing excellent Greek home-cooking, and this is easily the best Greek food we've had in a restaurant. Among the highlights is their soft, fresh pita. The place is very small and the staff is smaller...
5 star(s)
Pan Seared Talapia With lemon-Caper sauce Grilled Alaskan Salmon With French Nicoise Sauce Lamb Shish Kebab served on Bulgur Rice,Greek salad are my signature dishes...
5 star(s)
Great Gyro, lovely people. I'll be back!
5 star(s)
best greek food in Triad area, Chicken portobella paste dish and Gyro awesome!
5 star(s)
Best Gyro in town,Their shish kabob,Humus,Falafel and spanakopita are wonderful and tasty,
Great Food! Great service! I get my food delivered in 10 minutes!
3 star(s)
Good to ok. Not anything special. Service needs alot of work
5 star(s)
the food is very reasonably priced, tastes fantastic, everything is made fresh in front of you! definately somewhere i would eat at again!! the staff here is very warm and friendly. overall my experience was unforgettable.
5 star(s)
excellent food, perfect service my family go there every time. best humus, gyro, falafel and souvlaki.
5 star(s)
I read an article at the doctor's office about Mediterranean food being so healthy, and now we have a Local, Reasonable priced restaurant w/ Greek/Mediterranean cuisine! Taste of Troy near Adams Farm has delicious gyros my son loves best! I love their Hummus & Falafel Pitas, and the bread is delici...
A Taste of Troy is a great resturant, the food is good and the serive is fast and friendly. All the food is fresh and it is very good! i eat there alot. :]
5 star(s)
Taste of troy is one of the best restaurants I've ever ate at. I find myself eating there more and more often because the food is so great! The owner is an awesome guy because he's kind and friendly. I have also met a young guy and a young girl who work there and they were extremely friendly and he...
4 star(s)
I loved the food and the friendly atmosphere that was given oof when u entered the restaurant. The owner is a fantastic guy and a great cook. the employees are very nice and kind. they work together as a family.
This little hole-in-the-wall next to Lowe's Foods grocery has DELICIOUS food! I love their gyros and try to visit often. Pass on the standard frozen crinkle-cut fries though! Ambience is nonexistent.. tiny place with a Coke cooler in the back (no soda fountain) and a minuscule seating area with a fe...