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The guys at Widescreen TV Repair shop in Belmont love their Philly Steak Sandwiches. No one else can compare to Sub Corral.
The very best in Gaston County!!
5 star(s)
Good value for the money. I drive 25 miles monthly to eat here. The all-you-can-eat specials are a great bargain.
Amazing food. It can be a bit pricey, but well worth it. Their steak sandwiches are the best in the area. Real northern food in the south. I don't know what the reviewer from April is talking about I see larger groups in there all the time.
I love this place! My parents and I go out to eat there all the time. They have really set the bar for getting a good steak. Every time I go elsewhere I am always disappointed and wishing I would have just gone to Old Stone in the first place. And yes they occasionally have there mess ups but c'mon ...
5 star(s)
Consistently good food, great service. The best calabash style dining and home cooking buffets!
By far the best Steak & Cheese in the area.. It just melts in your freaking mouth...My favorite is the Steak & Cheese special (peppers) with mayo.
I love their food. It's the best sandwich dive in town. Best steak and cheese on the map. Fast and friendly!
wonderful food, Great service. Very family friendly.
My wife and I have been to Old Stone 40-50 times. Only once was the food not perfect (a steak too done). At that time, we found out that the usual chef was out. Customers tend to dress a little better in Old Stone than the other Gaston County establishments, something that enhances the dining experi...
One of my favorite restaurants. Always a great meal! I love the old wooden booths. It's a friendly, neighborhood kind of restaurant.
i went to old stone for my mothers birthday lunch and i was hoping it would be a memorable experience. wasnt. our waitress acted like she would have rather had a shotgun wound to the face and the food wasnt all that great.when you work with the public as i do you cant have the words "i hat...
In general when dining, I know every experience can not be stellar every single time and this is of no fault of the restaurant. There are far to many variables at play with ANY establishment and that's not going to change regardless of how many people you know. My personal experience at Old Stone...
Tonight my wife, daughter and I went to have dinner at Old Stone Restaurant (as we do on many occasions) and to have the early bird special. When we pulled up to the restaurant there were no parking spaces due to road construction. My wife went in to get a table while I went to park the car up the s...
4 star(s)
WHOLE FLOUNDER IS EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD No more expensive than other seafood restaurants-homemade onion rings are quite tasty also.
I've been eating at this restaurant since 1984. It is indeed the best Steak & Cheese in the Carolinas. I'm also very happy that they opened another store on South New Hope Rd. in Gastonia. I always recommend friends to eat at Sub Corral.
This is the best place to have some family time, the people there are great and the food is even better, The Steak and Cheese is the best from here to Philly.
I'm not much of a fish eater however their fried chicken and "home-cooked" fixings’ are absolutely to die for! If you want good home cooking that reminds you of the Good 'ol days - visit them on Sunday! We have only ordered take out from there, never dined in. No particular reason other than we j...
This foood at this place is great, but a little pricey on some items for what you get. Pizza is mondo!! We go there when we can, but if you have a large family, better stick with CiCi's or Subway. Apparently the people reviewing in April that were wanting to place multiple thought the food wa...
Although a bit pricey for the area I find the filet cooked perfectly (hard to find charbroiled) there's nothing like it. The Crab Cakes are delicious and so is the salad. Service is excellent. Tends to get a bit crowded and load the way the tables are set up.