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O'Malley's On Main
Prior Lake

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“Really fun place - very casual but great food.
“Really good food! Very casual environment - lots of games for the kids to play. Cheap prices too, made it out of there for under $50.00 for 2 adults and 3 kids, including drinks.
“I absolutely agree the the food is bland and boring. They probably do alot of take-out because there are not many take-out choices in the area, and no other real chinese food options. I don't think Prior Lake "likes...
“I agree that the food was rather bland, but they do a lot of takeout business to the Prior Lake area, and Prior Lake likes its food bland.
“Not sure who rated previously, but apparently they have bland taste buds. Fongs in both Prior Lake and Savage are similar in offerings and flavor, blah and bland. We ordered a dish that was listed as "spicy" and it ...
“Clean,kid friendly environment that provides fast service, large portions and excellent taste.
“Fongs is a great place to go to. The owners are very hospitable. I highly reccommend Fongs.
“This place is most of the time a good fast food facility, but every once in a while they have some troubles.
“This restraunt is a very nice place to eat and has very good food.
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