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“My companion and I were refused service at 5 minutes to 8 on a Friday night, after standing in the lobby for the previous 5 minutes watching the wait staff peek around the corner from the back. A waitress then appro...
“Chanhassen's gem. Awesome food.
“Very poor customer service - I order a chicken sandwich with combo (which includes a medium drink and a medium fries) and asked the drink and fries to be down sized since I did not want to waste food. The person at ...
“This is excellent food.
“Very good Thai food. Their cream cheese wantons are the best in town. Curry puffs are also great. We love the roast duck curry and the pad thai. Thai fried rice is also good, if you want something less spicy.
“This was a great experience. There is a new owner. I used to go to Frankie's a long time ago and it was so great, but then they sold it and it really went downhill. Now there is a new owner and the food tastes lik...
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