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4 star(s)
We attended this restaurant for my daughter's 18th birthday. We had a pleasant meal with very attentive, professional service. Waitstaff was very flexible in order to meet our needs. They honored their advertised reduced price for a meal on your birthday and did not treat us like second class citize...
Great subs - awesome experience. I'd be tempted to open on in Saline or Chelsea as it would be a great addition. They are the pricier than say a Subway, but it's a higher price sub.
Subway is Subway, no surprises there, however, this particular franchise employs extremely rude and unprofessional employees (especially a brunette girl working at lunch on 3-18-2010). They micromanage the amounts on their sandwiches, and are quite snotty if you ask for anything customized. It's ABS...
5 star(s)
Best breakfast in Ann Arbor. Best coffee too.
5 star(s)
I can't give this restaurant enough stars. Everything is wonderful. Absolutely on my top three list for Ann Arbor restaurants.
Good greasy burgers. Exactly whay we hoped it would be. Nothing fancy, bar stools, efficient service, lots of choices. Just answer the question you're asked, not the questions you think you're hearing. ;)
Izzy's is the best place in da world. Not to be too blunt, but the joint is way too perfect. In utopia, cheesesteaks kill munchies. In Ann Arbor, Izzy's Cheesesteaks kill munchies. Best munches in Ann Arbor, best Munches in the world.
Izzy's is the best! I got to pioneer highschool and everyday at lunch I smoke a fat blunt with my boys and barely have enough time to eat.. Izzy's is the perfect place to fulfil your munchies and still get your food on time so you aren't late to class. Weed friendly =)
Popped in to this unique sub shop and was pleasantly suprised at the quick service, easy menu, food quality, and dining experience. I had a medium sub and it was huge! The spicy ham is unique and very tasty.
Good food selection. Crappy attitude. Too expensive.
Tios is the BEST Mexican restaurant in Ann Arbor!! The portions are generous, the service is always friendly, and every dish I've tried has been outstanding. You have to try to wet burrito, it's as delicious as it is gigantic. The best part about the place is they are open late (2AM) and deliver all...
We walked in ordered our food, at least five other customers walked in after us. The other customers received their orders first. We sat there for almost 25 mins. Finally after another customer pointed out that he walked in after us. I told the lady at the counter forget about it. The cook was laugh...
I used to frequent two Ahmo's locations regularly. But I can say that I will NEVER be going back after the service I received there recently. After our order was screwed up and we had driven 20 minutes back to our house, we called and informed them we were upset and wanted a refund. They told us the...
Sadako is the best Sushi restaurant in Ann Arbor. The amount of food you get for your money is amazing.
The barbeque pulled pork hoagie is wicked good!
1 star(s)
I ordered 2 pizzas to be delivered to my house. I was told it would take 30 minutes, which sounded great as I had some hungry pre-schoolers to feed. The pizzas finally arrived after 1-1/2 HOURS and were burned and cold. YUCK!!!! I wrote a letter of complaint to the owner, but never heard a peep ...
I LOVE THERE CHEESE STEAKS!! no other place comes close to these.
Good hoagies, kind of a strange environment.
Two times in road that the cashier didn't say anything after we paid at the counter. And, we did pay tips. May be she was not happy about we paid by credit card or something. Since then, I decided not to go there any more! As a loyal customer for a few years, even good food does not worth my whole f...
worst service. elementary kids were charged adult fee !