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“This is a great place to take the family to. It's a BYOB restaurant and they don't charge a corkage fee. It's nice to bring the type of wine you like and not have to pay an arm and a leg for it at the restaurant. We...
“I have been a customer with Szechuan house for almost 15 years but not anymore. I recently had some food delivered to my house and was confronted with one of the rudest delivery men that I have ever met. Change your...
“The food gave me really bad gas, I farted for hours. I think the chicken was old and tired, just like the fat guy that delivered my food!
“I'm giving the food here a 3, but understand that I'd give most neighborhood-type Chinese places a 2 at best. The problem is, I like Schezuan and and Hunan food like the natives of those provinces (or at least the f...
“Great food at great price. Great take-out.
“great everything, really good pizza
“We order delivery. Its good food, delivered very quickly. We recommend them.
“I ordered food from these people and they delivered only half the food and when I questioned them they told me I didn't order it and I told them I had a receipt and when I looked at the receipt it was in Chinese so ...
“Fun. Good food. Well presented.
“Food is good. Value is outstanding. Decor is well appointed. Classical music when I've been there. Friendly service.
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