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“The best crabs in a long while! I have been to this establishment over ten times within the last year and I haven't regretted it yet! My cousin calls and begs me to go with her. You guys really do a great job. The s...
“ONE OF THE BEST FAST FOOD STORE IN THE AREA,THEIR FOOD IS VERY GOOD.And prices are reasonsible.I`ll eat there a few time a week.
“Incredibly Delicious. The chef is friendly and kind. Very fairly priced.
“I went here with my girl friend and had a wonderful dining experience. The food was very fresh and our server J.D. was the best. I would definitely recommend this place to any one that loves seafood!!!
“I have been eating at this establishment for years, like the food. Just recently I placed a carry out order using my debt card and long and behold someone from the establishment used my debt card for unathorized us...
“food is wonderful
“The food is good, and they are quick. It's just a quick take out. Hence express.
“Chung King is by far the best chinese restaurant I've ever eaten at. The food is just delicious. I lived in Laurel most of my life and ate there at least once a week. Now, I live in Baltimore but still get there ...
“Excellent food and service. TO the "keno reviewer" I say, all establishments have a rule about serving customers food and drinks first, Keno second. The waitress cost you nothing, bub. or at least read the rules.
“The waitress cost me 150 dollars when she ignored my attempts to hand her my Keno card. Nice job, lady. I wish I'd won the 150 so I could pay for a stomach pumping to get the greasy crud I ate out of my digestive...
“The BEST tex mex resturant from College Park to Baltimore. From the food to the service, this place is a winner!
“After entering the restaurant we waited at least five mins for someone to go get the hostess to seat us. Our waiter was friendly but not very good, he forgot my soup, which I would have reminded him but we never saw...
“Sullivans is one of the best restaraunts in the Laurel area ! My family and I love going there. Another added ammenity is the fact that they offer delivery for lunch hours !
“My wife and I had a wonderful experience at this restaurant, I would certainly recommend it. The seafood was so fresh and delicious and they actually use true maryland crab meat. The restaurant had a charming nautic...
“great wings. very large and nice sauces.
“Excellent would recommend to any and all!!!!
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