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awesome General Tso's Chicken. best ever!
The food is superb. I dont know what it is, but for "Pizza out, it's Pizza Inn". Literally, Pizza Inn pizza makes you pooh, but it is worth it. The ambience is great, kid friend "yes", for the restaurant accodomates your little ones, with it's one baby high chair and video poker machines keep my ...
The best crab rangoon I have ever eaten. On the down side you have to pay for a refill of your drink. Who does that? Not to sure if the waitress spoke english she just nodded and smiled. Say hello to Mr. Crisp while you are in there.
I used to go to Alice and Woody's when I would skip school, the food was good but the price was to much for my budget at the time. I would suggest walking across the street and getting chicken tenders from the IGA.
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I guess this restaurant is o.k. I have only been to it once. I know they have crawfish there and everyone in Buras goes there. Oh, and it has been recently "renovated"
I don't know much of this place I walked in and got punched in the face by a six foot beast of a woman.