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They have the best bisquits and gravy of any place I have ever been.
visited your place today. have you people ever been aware of salt and pepper shakers? they have been around for some time versus what you folks put on the table. never cease to be amazed the customers the customers come to you for such lousy service. has to be the same as lynn's paradise cafe.
Several of us at the office had lunch there today. It was wonderful. Alan was a great server. Our only regret was not having room for dessert.
5 star(s)
Great Burgers!!! breakfast pretty good too!!!
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Called in an order for Annie's (Rockford Lane) and was told 45 min. del. Over an hour and half later, no delivery. Called manager who was very rude and was told she would recall the driver and give me a refund and then she hung up on me. I then phoned the manager at the flagship location (Portlan...
4 star(s)
I love Asian food and have been to many Asian resturants in my life. This is one of the best over all. I suggest that you try this one. WONDERFUL FOOD.....
San Francisco, a city that boasts the most restaurants in the world would be honored to have the presence of Asiatique gracing its hills. Instead, bluegrass laden Louisville (home to the most restaurants in the US per capita) is fortunate to stake claim to one of the country's premier restaurants o...
The environment is friendly and inviting. If you're lucky you might catch a party. The food is amazing. Good for any person.
Asiatique is a wonderful experience of the taste, smell and visual presentation. We are from out of town and wanted a restaurant that was a symbol of the kind of cuisine we might find in Louisville. We had no prior knowledge of the restaurant. We were not disappointed. Our group of five each o...
very good food; love the atmosphere. (not sure about the prices though; i was not paying for my meal so didn't pay that close of attention to the price). very large portions: i split a meal every time i went and had plenty of food.
The BEST carrot cake I've ever had!! The rest of the food was good for the price, but there are other restaurants I'd rather eat at in Louisville.
The food was great (try their spinach queso). I also felt the service was unique and genuine. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone.
5 star(s)
Our meal was the best I've had in Pittsburgh in a LONG time. Coconut shrimp with broccoli and cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes, a Mojito Cubana, and Bananas Supreme for dessert. Everything was fantastic. The service was perfect, not overbearing, but very attentive. Our waiter knew everything about ...
Barleys in kind-a off the beaten' path, but well worth the time to go. It's not a hole in the wall, but very casual setting. All the people made my friends and I feel like we were part of the Family. We got pizza. OH MY GOD !!!! There are no word to say about the pizza except, if you don't go get a...
Very nice out of the way place. I met one of the owners. The whole staff was so nice. The food was unbelievable. Not what you would expect in a bar. More like food from the highlands or east end. The pizza is like no pizza I've eaten before. Try that first. The only thing is the kids had to leave ...
It's a little off the beaten path, but I like that. I've been going there for almost two years, and I haven't as much as seen an argument in there. The food is great and the owners are the nicest people you would ever wanna meet. No one hits on my woman. It's a very respectful place. I recommend it ...
I read reviews on Barley's. I'm very picky on my pizzas, so I went there to pick it apart. I COULDN'T !! It was the best Ive ever had. I've go there twice a week just to eat. I don't drink, but if I did, this would be my watering hole. You really need to try it. I lived in NY. for 12 years. There ...
Well I've heard all the talk about Barleys at work for four years. Never went in there till yesterday. My loss. I passed it every day, and just never took time to stop, but I will from now on. Coldest beer and 50 cent pool tables. I felt comfortable the whole time I was there. One of the owners came...
Best burgers! Awesome ice cream! Great value! Perfect family outing!
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Low-Carb Pizza is the best thing since apple pie!