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Bishops is our favorite restaurant for my wife and I. A very large selection of plain American food. It is a buffet where you go through a line and they serve you. The waitress will go get you more food any time you want. This is the very best place to go if you want to talk! No loud music. It...
5 star(s)
I love the Shrimp Tacos and they have other good food items but I keep going back to those delicious Shrimp Tacos.
I dont know how this place is still standing. The food is not all that great. My Tho and Pho Hien is a lot better. The best Vietnamese food in town would be Huong Nam on Harry and Oliver.
You have to be out of your mind if you hate this place. The entrees are awsome. Samon is most likely recomanded.
Sushi Rolls are huge! Great for diets
Salmon, Scallop, shrimps, steak.....they are all good.
Glazed Salmon is to die for. somewhere around 6 to 8oz salmon fillet, Grilled viggies with specail sauce, and fried rice for under $10.
Scallops was good. A lot of great review on this place and I had to try it for myself. I reccomend it.
This is one of the friendliest bars I have ever been to..the owners sal and sandra have a very pleasant staff who go above and beyond. I definately will be back.
5 star(s)
The food at Sumo is very good! It is a nice place to go for a special occassion. I have kids, but would prefer to go without them because it is a more grown up place to dine. I always go early and have never called ahead but usually get in pretty quickly.
I like japanese food but I don't like the wait at those fancy places. If you are like me and want good food fast than I recomend Samurai Japanese Grill. It's fast and good.
A wonderful experience.
The sauce made the food taste AMAZING. What is that sauce? The food is good by it self to but that sauce mmmmmmmm.
It simply does not get any better if you like American Blue Collar Food.. Daily specials and all you can eat specials.. I average eating there three time each week.
4 star(s)
This is great simple food at a reasonable price. If you are wanting real Mexican food, this is the place to go. You will have to go early if you want to get their roast chicken for which they are named because they sell out very quickly.
I've been going to this Felipe's restaurant since 1980. The food is always good and the service friendly and the food comes out promptly. It outshines all the rest. I live in Wichita now, but used to drive over from El Dorado and made several trips a month, the food just keeps drawing you back.
My dining experience at this restaurant has always be magnificent. The food is always fresh and hot. The service is top notch. They go out of their way to make sure I am satisfied. I never have to want for anything when I run out of food and beverages. It is an excellent dining
5 star(s)
I was looking for a fine dining restaurant to take my folks out for my birthday, & that's exactly what I found with Cafe Bel Ami. From the moment that you walk in the word " classy " just come to mind. The music is & a level not too low, but not too loud & the classical selections were an enjoyment....
5 star(s)
It has been fined multiple times for one offence. I hate to tell you this, but EVERY restuarant gets fined, otherwise the Health Department FINDS a reason, not wearing gloves, go to the website for more info. Bomber Burger is a place to get a burger, not to look at the ambience.