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A diner without a counter. Good cooking, Cheap breakfast all day. Have a first-class omelette. Look for the smoke-free room in the back & NO credit cards.
under new mangement,deanna ,rebecca,cindy
go to green hill reastraunt to eat ask for granny shes the best cook u ever find .. trust me your meal will be great..they are real nice women running that place. u wont be disappointed. so if u ever there eat at green hill. ask for grannys best cookin. thanks deanna,rebecca,cindy.
If you like the old fashion type drive in, you will probably like Green Hill Drive In. It offers a menu of "cook to order" type foods like tenderloins, burgers, fish sandwitches fries, onion rings, fried mushrooms and don't miss the fried biscuits and apple butter. Green Hill Drive In also offers ...